Bop Under the Sea with the Doodlebops!
Posted on 05/20/08 by Stephanie 10:56 AM

Pia (wachaaa on the forum) and I have known about this for a couple weeks now and we’ve been counting down to today!

For what you may ask? Well the release of the new Disney Music Block Party CD – similar to the Disneymania series – which the Doodlebops are featured on! Check out their rendition of “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid – I absolutely love it. The CD is available in stores now and you can also download it on iTunes…so make sure you get your copy today!


Comment # 349

I know I got the e-mail that is soooooo super cool! :ddnod:

Comment # 350

haha thanks for mentioning me! and YES it’s finally out! finally after all that waiting, haha

looove the song!
"go rooney, go rooney!" :rooneytounge:

Comment # 351

haha i know! better then the 30 sec preview we had to keep listening to :P "go go, go rooneyyyyyy!" haha, love that song.

Comment # 352

that is so cool :ddcool: :rooneycool: :moecool:

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