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For those who didn’t already know, I had the chance to do a phone interview with each Doodle on February 14th. I must say, it was a great valentine’s gift! I finally had time to type the transcripts and uploading the sound files. Amber (Foxy_Mommy on the forum) also had the chance to do a phone interview with the doodlebops and you can find it here, exclusive at Together Forever! I hope everyone enjoys reading and listening to them! :rooneysmile:

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OMG….so i just read the interview with Rooney and umm…THE DOODLEBOPS COME TO THIS SITE AND CHECK IT OUT?!? AHH!!! TOO COOL!!! :shocked:

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WOW! Good job! After what Ronney said about the fourm I think Im going to join! :)

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I :heart: it I was like :shocked: wow they’re reading what i’m posting but yea :flipwink: :cheer: Steph you did great!

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haha i know! i can’t believe they read all the stuff we post. now im gonna go and hide. lmao.

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Those interviews are awesome, steph! :P Haha they really like ya! I can see why, you’re like the best fan out there ;)

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those interviews were great!!! i loved them.

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love love love it!

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I wish that I could here the audio version of Amber’s interveiw with Deedee.

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doodlebops…come…to…this….site?! *fanits*

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WOW!! :moenod:

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