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Posted on 04/06/06 by Stephanie 4:03 AM

Did someone say contest? Yes! Together Forever will be holding a contest sometime next week. It’s your chance to win some pretty awesome doodle stuff!! More details and rules will be added soon. Keep an eye on the site. :rooneywink:

The In The Press section has tons of articles and interviews that I’ve added over the last couple of weeks. :moecool:

More pictures from various Doodlebops apperances are now in the gallery.
Check them out! :guitar:

“Get on the Bus” Spring 2006 Live Canadian Tour:
4/1/06 – Vancouver, BC
3/30/06 – Vernon, BC
3/26/06 – Calgary, AB
3/23/06 – Saskatoon, SK

Canadian Promotional Mall Tour – Fall 2005
11/10/05 – Mississauga, ON
11/4/05 – Winnipeg, MB
11/2/05 – Edmonton, AB
10/30/05 – Victoria, BC

Meet & Greets/Interviews:

2/14/06 – Central Library, London, ON
11/2/05 – Radio Interview

Do you have any doodles you would like to show off to the world? Well, then you found just the place! E-mail me with all your wonderful creations and please include your name. Then I will add your work to the Art gallery a.s.a.p! :ddnod:

Fan Stuff:

Together Forever’s newest addition is a rocking music player! Check it out here! Please note that these songs can not be downloaded to your computer. Stealing music is a big no no! I suggest buying the “Get On The Bus” CD, which is available at
Together Forever’s Store. Come on and support The Doodlebops! :keytar:

Last but not least, a recent picture of Jon has been added to his off-set section.


Comment # 57

Great stuff Steph! :ddyay:
:keytar: :guitar: :drums:

Comment # 58

Wow. All this kind of stuff looks familiar.

Comment # 59

great update!! thank you steph!! :moecool:

Comment # 60

moe is hot :moetounge:

Comment # 61

Thanks stephanie!! You are so awesome! :rooneyyay:

Comment # 62

:moesmile:I am a huge Moe Doodle/Jonathan Wexler fan, and I have some pictures I’d like to share, but I can’t find anywhere to post them :moesad: If someone could email me and let me know how to post them, twould be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :moerock: :drums:

Comment # 63

:rooneysmile:i am 32 years old and my daughter is 10 and we both love the doodlebops they are the best we went and seen then in ottawa ont november 13.2007

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