Doodles at Kidsummer
Posted on 06/22/06 by Stephanie 12:18 PM

The Doodlebops will be performing again this year for Kidsummer!

Deedee, Rooney and Moe will perform a 15 minute show including songs from their hit show on Kids’ CBC.

Date: July 5th
Time: 12:30pm
Place: Canadian Broadcast Centre, 250 Front St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This event is free admission and registration is not required.


Comment # 82

Hey Stephanie,
I absolutley love your website I to love the Doodlebops my #1 is Moe :moewink: well I would love to hear from you I would love that.

From a #1 doodlebops fan, Catherine


Comment # 83

omg! this is an amazing website. i looove the doodlebops, even though i’m almost 15 years old. lol. moe is my favorite. :moecool:

<33 Jess

Comment # 84

:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile:I love the Doodlebops too even though I’m almost 16 years old but all three of them rock!! Moe is my favorite!

Comment # 85

:moesad:When will the gallery have screencaps from season 2? I don’t like season 1.Season 2 is my favorite.I really want to see pictures from that season.

Comment # 86

sweet interview with Rooney! :guitar:

Comment # 87

heyy stephanie im the doodlebops number# one1 fan i love them so0 much deedee is my fav. well leave me one i love ur website its sweet ttyl chelsey :keytar: :guitar: :drums:

Comment # 6529

I love the the doodlebops. Deedee is my favorite doodlebop

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