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Posted on 07/10/06 by Stephanie 5:23 AM

Together Forever’s first fan of the month is (Moe, drum roll please)…..Fay! Congrats! I would like to thank everyone who has entered and if you haven’t, then please do. Remember, if you didn’t win this month, your entry is still valid for further pickings.

The news section has been updated with information from new Doodlebops clothing to new episodes that I know you don’t want to miss.

The in the press section has been updated.

TF visitor Enda took some exclusives pictures of the Doodlebops at Kidsummer! Let’s all give her a big thanks, the pictures are great! You can view them here. She also reports that some of the songs they performed were: Let’s Get Loud, Bird is the Word, and Get on the Bus (kid’s choice). They also said the pledge, of course.

The Artwork, Costumes and Graphics section of the fan section in the gallery has been updated. I would like to thank everyone who donated pieces. Keep them coming!


Comment # 88

congrats fay. :moecool:

Comment # 89

Yay Fay!
The art in the gallery is awesome. All the little costumes are so cute!

Comment # 90

Congrats Fay! thats so awesome. loved the kidsummer pics too!

Comment # 91

Yay me! (does victory dance) The Doodlebops should be so proud! I know I am! Thanks everyone!
:ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

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:keytar: :guitar: :drums:
:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile: :ddcool: :rooneycool: :moecool: :ddnod: :rooneynod: :moenod: :ddwink: :moewink: :ddtounge: :rooneytounge: :moetounge: :ddwow: :rooneywow: :moewow: :ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

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:ddsmile: :rooneycool: :drums:

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