Doodlebops: Together Forever Tour
Posted on 02/05/09 by Stephanie 1:17 PM

The Doodlebops: Together Forever Tour (which will hit 52 cities across Canada this Spring) kicked off yesterday in Peterborough, Ontario. Together Forever brings you the first look of the new Doodlebops cast:

As a lot of you already know – Lisa, Chad and Jon will NOT be playing the Doodles for this tour. Instead, auditions were held in Toronto and 3 new performers were found to take on the roles as Deedee, Rooney and Moe. The show has also been removed from Playhouse Disney’s morning line-up, but you can still catch it on Kids’ CBC. From what I understand, Lisa, Chad and Jon are still the main cast for television work. The news on the street is that they may be producing an animated Doodlebops series. I’ll post more on that when information is released.

Lisa, Chad and Jon have done an amazing job making the Doodlebops what they are today and have brought together so many people over the years, young and old. They will always be known as the original Doodles, but I hope everyone will give the new performers a chance – the Doodles live on! I’ll be on the lookout for videos from their upcoming shows to share with everyone. I know we are all curious to see if their skills and chemistry match up to our beloved trio. You will definitely want to hit up a concert this spring if you can – Chad McNamara joined the tour as a Choreographer/Assistant Director and has been working hard with the cast!

Now, I’m sure you’re asking “what is the future for DRM.net?” Rather than shutting down – because I’ve put countless hours and so much $$ into making this site what it is – I will welcome the new cast with open arms and continue to follow Lisa, Chad and Jon’s careers on here as well. Trust me, there will be more to come!

I attended the final Doodlebops LIVE! show in Fresno, CA back on October 5th, 2008. I’m going to wait a little longer before I post those pictures….since these are my final exclusive pictures as Lisa, Chad and Jon playing the Doodles. In the meantime, here are my pictures from the York, PA show I attended on September 6th, 2008:

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This is kind of old, but it was recently uploaded to Youtube – HDNews reporter Dave Barker meets his 3 year old daughter’s hero’s:


Comment # 376

New Doodlebops look awesome. Can’t wait to more of them. :ddcool:

Comment # 377

The new doodlebops look
great can’t wait to see them live

Comment # 382

i didn’t know there was a new cast
for dee dee roonie and moe.i woulden’t have spent the money too see them live,yes it was a good show but not the doodlebops i grew to love with my daughter.

Comment # 495

The new cast looks awful…my 5 year old granddaughter is sooooo upset in the change she wants nothing to do with the Doodlebops anymore…this is after going to two concerts and having front row seats…now she is done!!!
very sad!!!

Comment # 497

We saw the show with the new cast and I have to say I was really dispappointed. My son mentioned a few times that the voices were different but he didn’t seem to mind which is the most important. New Moe could dance as well as original Moe. Honestly for what we paid, I was not happy to see a new cast. And where was Bus Driver Bob. My kids love him.

Comment # 510

my 3yr old daughter keeps on sayin doodlebops she wondering why the doodlebops aint on playhouse disney anymore to me that wrong for taking that show off there alot of kids love the doodlebops on playhouse disney!!

Comment # 513

Honestly even though i haven’t seen the new cast perform i still don’t like them i wish the original cast would come back

Comment # 544

I am a new mom and I have seen the Doodlebops movies in stores and over time picked up a few. My real intent was to just buy them in support for a Toronto cast, but now that I have seen these movies I have become really fond of it and the cast . I am truly sad to see that the cast has been replaced. I am not going to say that the new cast won’t be just as good but I will say that it is really hard to explain to kids what is going on. And harder still because I still have not found anything regarding the reason for this cast change.

Comment # 550

We saw the concert yesterday and was also disappointed that the cast was different than the show. Luckily my daughter didn’t notice. I thought Moe looked scarey.

Comment # 563

We when to the concert yerterday at Richmond Hill and we didn’t know there are a new cast for the Doodlebops. We are really disappointed because we pay to see the ORIGINAL Doodlebops.

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