Season 3 concert tapings & fan art
Posted on 08/01/06 by Stephanie 3:03 PM

DRM.net has exclusive news about the Season 3 concert tapings!

:keytar: :drums: :guitar:

The information is as follows:

Doodlebops Concert Shoot for Episodes of Season 3.
Tickets must be reserved in advance.

When: Friday, August 4th, 2006

Taping Times:
2:00 PM
4:00 PM

The ticket desk will open 1 hour before the taping and will close 15 minutes prior. The taping will take about an hour.

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts
130 Navy Street, Oakville , Ontario , L6J 2Z4
For maps and directions please visit www.oakvillecentre.ca

THIS MEANS: no logo’s, no prints, no stripes or polka dots, no plaid.
Don’t forget how much fun it is to dress up and bring signs to show the
Doodlebops how much you enjoy their show!

Want to go? To order tickets email audience@doodleworks.ca

Please email all requests by Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006.

Your email must include:
-Your Full Name
-Day Time telephone number with voicemail
-the time you would like to come to
-the number of tickets you would like, to a maximum of 4

There’s only a few tickets left to each taping, so make sure you get your requests in soon!

Together Forever visitor Jenn made a cute Rooney Doodle graphic and has donated it to the site. You can view it in the gallery here! :rooneyyay:


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ahh, i want to go to the concert tapings sooooo bad!! :ddsad:

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Steph, are you going? :guitar:

Comment # 118

I might go yay! :ddcool:

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:drums: :moerock: :moewow: :moesmile: :moecool: :moenod: :moewink: :moewow: :drums: :moerock: :moewow: :moesmile: :moenod: :moewink: :moewink: :drums: :drums: :drums: :drums: :drums:

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moe is so sexy and so cute he is mine.

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moe is the hottest boy in the wolrd he is so sexy and so hot i love moe hes the best. :drums:

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