Catch Lisa, Chad and Jon in High School Musical!
Posted on 03/03/09 by Stephanie 8:55 AM

This is really exciting news – Lisa, Chad and Jon will be appearing in the Canadian premiere of Disney’s High School Musical – On Stage!! The show opens April 14th and runs til May 31st at Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

They were cast for the following:

Lisa LennoxSharpay
Chad McNamaraRyan
Jonathan WexlerChad

See, I told you guys there would be more coming from the trio! This is the big news I’ve been dying to tell. It’s awesome to finally be able to share it with all of you! :) So, to the Doodle fans who can make it up to Nova Scotia – please go and support Lisa, Chad and Jon in their new show!!

Showtimes and tickets available here!


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Wonder if someone will post it on youtube?

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Well, I plan to see them! :)

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Which means, I’ll take loads of pictures/videos.

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Have fun. !!.I’m sure it will be great. Do you know who else is starring in it ?? I’m so happy for Lisa, Chad and Jon and with this news it made me totally accepted the fact they are are no longer doing The Doodlebops . I want them to do other things because they have a lot of talent. I wonder what else they will do together ??

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guys consider coming to Brazil.. The kids and adults here love you.
You´re so friendly and sweet. Thanks for teaching the children love music

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:ddcool: Thats cool!i miss them.glad they are still around.have fun when u go see them in hsm!

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i am deffinatley going! lol i love jon’s hair it’s amazingly hot! and it’s very scene *punk+emo*

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Is Nova Scotia in Canada? If it is, darn! I wish I could go see them. :ddsad: :rooneysad: :moesad:

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