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Posted on 08/27/06 by Stephanie 2:21 PM

After months, the TF Chatroom (link can be found in internet section) has now been re-opened! All new layouts to choose from. It’s a fun experience, so sign up and chat with other doodlebop fans!

Doodlebops costumes are now available on TysToyBox! Each costume is $44.99 USD and they are available in sizes 2T-4T. Rooney and Moe ones are in stock, while DeeDee costumes are on pre-order but will be available soon! You can find them in Together Forever’s store as well.

Also, pictures from Disney’s Magical Beginnings concerts are coming soon!


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sweet the costumes are hear i am so happy i think i will buy dee’s outfit thanks stepaine. :keytar:

Comment # 139

I’m gonna totally buy rooneys!! :rooneynod:

Comment # 140

:ddsmile:My niece had the DeeDee one and she wants to wear it all the time. :keytar:

Comment # 141

I love the doodlebops!! I love it when Jumping Judy is on and the new shows are great. I am going to be Moe for Halloween!

Comment # 142

I think the costumes are great. Im going to buy the rooney one. :rooneysmile:

Comment # 143

:ddsmile: :ddcool: :ddwink: :drums: :keytar: :guitar: you g rock cool

Comment # 144

:ddsmile: :ddcool: :ddwink: :drums: :keytar: :guitar: you g rock cool

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