Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation playdate pictures
Posted on 08/30/06 by Stephanie 11:59 PM

TF has recieved exclusive pictures from the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation (www.starlight.org) playdate that was held for some very lucky Doodlebop fans! These fans bid on a VIP playdate with the Doodlebops and recieved special seats at their Ringling Brothers Circus show.

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Comment # 145

how sweet the doodlebops got to meet there other fans they are so lucky if i was there i would be so happy :keytar: :guitar: :drums:

Comment # 146

Cute pictures! Looks like it was an awesome time. :moecool:

Comment # 147

These are great pictures.Those fans are so very lucky! :ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile:

Comment # 148

sorry stepinae i typed this on the wrong page but i am sorry about the reude comment that tish pearson siad to you i am 12 and i love the doodlebops and i know how iut feels to be made fun cause a boy in my class siad the same thing to me i agree with evreything you say about the doodlebops but edont give up. :ddwink:

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