Fan Books
Posted on 09/08/06 by Stephanie 7:16 AM

I will be making each Doodle their very own fan book. This is your chance to let the Doodlebops know how much they mean to you. I want to make this as huge as possible, so don’t be shy to show them your love!

:ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

To learn more about it, please click the link below:


Comment # 154

great idea steph! I’ll send something in :)

Comment # 155

Steph,when will we get to see screencaptures of the episodes Best Hider Ever and A Mess Of Doodles? Both of those episodes are the best!! Let me know soon.

Comment # 156

:keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar: :keytar:

Comment # 157

This is a great idea, I don’t know who will have more fun with this, me or my 2yr old! :drums:

Comment # 158

I’m going to have so much fun! You’ll get a lot from me!

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