Doodlebops on Today show, New DVD, and so much more!
Posted on 09/19/06 by Stephanie 11:04 PM

:keytar: :guitar: :drums:

The Doodlebops will perform LIVE on the Today Show on NBC on Monday, September 25th during the 8:00AM hour! They will also be visiting with Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation (www.starlight.org) children at a local hospital in NYC.

New Doodlebops Coloring book and DVD are available for pre-order!


Volume 5


Comment # 159

I see myself! LOL the photos are great thanks for all of your HARD WORK and DEDICATION!! :ddyay:

Comment # 160

:ddsmile:Im so glad to see the Doodlebops coming to our town.We are so excited to see them.Thanks for the happy baby tunes.

Comment # 161

I love the Doodlebops they rox my sox! :drums: I am 14 but i still LUV them. :ddnod: :rooneynod: :moenod:

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:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile: :ddsad: :rooneysad: :moesad: :ddcool: :rooneycool: :moecool: :rooneynod: :moenod: :ddwink: :rooneywink: :ddtounge: :ddtounge: :ddtounge: :rooneytounge: :moetounge: :ddwow: :ddwow: :rooneywow: :rooneywow: :keytar: :guitar: :drums: :drums: :guitar: :ddtounge: :ddtounge: :drums:

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