Happy New Year!!
Posted on 01/07/06 by Stephanie 6:15 AM

I hope everyone had a great new year!! I can’t believe it’s 2006 already – 2005 flew by! Depsite some of the drama, 2005 was still amazing, and I can’t wait to see what 2006 will bring. Hopefully nothing but happiness and joy! I hope we all continue to work together and support the Doodlebops. I love the close “doodle” family we have made on the forum and I’m glad to have been able to bring so many great fans together!! :heart:

A note to the Doodles cast and crew – you guys accomplished so much in 2005 and I’m so proud of everyone involved. You all have worked so hard to get where you are now. Congrats as you go into another year with the Doodlebops! :rooneycool:

A little gift to all you Rooney fans out there. Two never before seen pictures of Chad unmasked have been added to his section in off-set. Enjoy!! :ddyay:

P.S: Now you can comment on the updates. I would like to give Suz a huge thanks for helping me set that up!


Comment # 3

Oh yes. Thank you Doodle cast and crew! And to my Doodle family, I luv you guys! Chad.. is.. so… gorgeous! :flipwink:

Comment # 4

The Doodlebops cast and crew did amazing on season2 you all rock! :cheer:

Comment # 5

Yes thank you Doodle cast and crew you did an outstanding job in the first season and even a better job in the second. :) I think chad is so hot with his new pictures. Great job everybody!!! :heart: :cheer: :flipwink:

Comment # 6

Happy 2006 to you too! It will be an awesome new year for the doodles. I absolutely :heart: the Chad pics. :p

Comment # 7

those pictures are so awesome!
i cant to see the great job u guys did in season 2!! :D

Comment # 8

yep, thanks doodles for everything u do! those pics of chad are soo hott! i love them :cheer:

Comment # 9

Doodlebops are amazing! Chad’s more amazing with no make-up on :heart:

Comment # 10

steph i love ur site :blush:

Comment # 11

yay for doodlebops!! :cool:

Comment # 12

Deedee Rooney Moe will let me on there show soon after
i’m done high school i’m only
17 years old in grade 11

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