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Posted on 11/10/06 by Stephanie 1:48 PM

Want to submit things to the Fan Books but found out a little too late? Well you’re in luck! The cutoff date is now April 12th, 2007. I’ve decided to give these books to the Doodles in Norfolk, Virginia on April 21st, 2007.

Hopefully, this will give everyone more time to send in their work to me. It will also give you guys the chance to use pictures from the concerts you attend since most of the shows will be over by that time. I’ve recieved some awesome work so far, from all over the world! Everyone is so creative and I can’t wait to start putting these books together.

Would you like to submit work to these books? If so, please click the link below to learn all the details:



Comment # 187

hey steph I think it’s totally
awesome that doing this you rock. :ddsmile:

Comment # 188

sweet! :D

Comment # 189

i need to get stuff in!!

Comment # 190

thank you for pushing back the date steph! now i have time to send in some stuff after my concert :rooneyyay:

Comment # 191

I think that you should get something on here where the people can talk to each other when they come on! :drums:

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