TF Holiday Extravaganza
Posted on 12/05/06 by Stephanie 1:30 AM

Together Forever is celebrating the Holiday season with a whole bunch of contests! Check out the contest section of the site to find out what its all about. Each week, one winner will be selected and recieve some great Doodlebops items!

New Glow in the Dark Slap and Strap Doodlebops Bracelet. Have fun showing off your Doodlebops pride with this fun fashion accessory – Purchase here!


Comment # 211

What a great contest idea! Its a great way to start celebrating the holidays.

That bracelet its very cool too!

Comment # 212

I wish I could draw. I am not very talented. :ddsad: :rooneysad: :moesad:

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Comment # 214

Rooney play a ukulele that was awesome!! I love it betcha do to my ukulele. Well done Rooney! Aloha Rooney. :guitar: :rooneyyay: :rooneywow: :rooneytounge: :rooneywink: :rooneynod: :rooneycool: :rooneysad: :rooneysmile:

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