Doodlebops Rockin’ Road Show – Episode Guide
Posted on 09/15/10 by Stephanie 7:41 AM

Season 1 Episode 1:
Splish Splash Fun; Messy-Potamia
The Doodles help Lucy get over her fear of water; the messiest place in the whole Doodlenet.

Season 1 Episode 2:
Trumpet That Roared; A Mouthful of Teeth
The Doodles try to help Alice overcome her fear of playing the trumpet; the Doodles take Adam inside a giant’s mouth.

Season 1 Episode 3:
Race Day; Night Light
Deedee recruits Sophie to be her partner in a three-legged race; the Doodlebops take Noah on a nighttime tour of the Doodlenet to help him overcome his fear of the dark.

Season 1 Episode 4:
Where’s Moe?; Bus Stop
The Doodles must bring in a junior detective to uncover Moe’s hiding spot; the Doodles realize they have been neglecting and overworking the Bus.

Season 1 Episode 5:
Deedee’s Doodle; Bus Driver Bob
When Zack’s drawing comes to life, it wreaks havoc in town until he uses his imagination to stop it; the Doodles must learn to share the spotlight when Alanna becomes fascinated with their bus driver.

This list will be updated regularly and can be found HERE!

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