Doodles all over the US, contest winners & new shirt
Posted on 12/11/06 by Stephanie 7:06 AM

Pictures from the Richmond, Virginia concert that I attended are up in the gallery, including some photos of Chad Mcnamara.

[View pictures]

I have received TONS of new pictures from the US Tour. Thanks so much to everyone who have donated! Credit has been given under your pictures. Remember, if you would like to donate your pictures, please send me an e-mail here: pictures@deedeerooneymoe.net.

– 9/23/06: Lakeland, FL [View pictures]

[View pictures] 10/15/06: Erie, PA –

– 10/22/06: Wilkes Barre, PA [View pictures]

[View pictures] 10/27/06: Charleston, WV –

– 10/28/06: Columbus, OH [View pictures]

[View pictures] 10/29/06: Cleveland, OH –

– 11/4/06: Lewiston, ME [View pictures]

[View pictures] 11/10/06: Knoxville, TN –

– 11/11/06: Greensboro, NC [View pictures]

[View pictures] 11/12/06: Richmond, VA –

– 11/17/06: Spartanburg, SC [View pictures]

[View pictures] 11/18/06: Birmingham, AL –

– 11/25/06: Glens Falls, NY [View pictures]

[View pictures] 12/8/06: Baton Rouge, LA –

Screen shots from the episode


Comment # 222

WOW. You have sooo many pictures from fans steph! Awesome job! I bet this took forever to make.

Your site always has the latest pics! :drums:

Comment # 223

Wow! great pics Steph! Congrats to the winners of the drawing contest!! Great job!! :ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

Comment # 224

WOW u have really been workin HARD steph!! All this hard work it must of tookin 4ever!!! :ddwink:

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