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Posted on 12/18/06 by Stephanie 8:12 AM

The winners for the hidden presents contest are listed below:

– Victoria (Moe_fan82280)
– Hannah (theatrechick08)
– Michelle (diamond8)
– Chantal (prchic)

The Rooney present was never found. Here is where all the gifts were hiding:

1. Deedee – bottom of chronology
2. Rooney – Rules of forum
3. Moe – Store>>>clothing
4. Jazzmin – Gallery>>>happy doodle holiday screen shot
5. Bus Driver Bob – Site>>>about me

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to try and find the gifts. Contest for week 3 is up and running. Check it out here!

Together Forever has been reviewed by The Ultimate Reviews. You can read the very positive review here. More reviews to come soon.

TF has won it’s first award from the Golden Awards site.

Applicants are judged through the following criteria:
– visual appeal
– your site’s creativity or usability of content
– a visitor’s ease in navigation.
– a webmaster’s presence on his/her site

TOGETHER FOREVER got an (A) in all of the given criteria and won the silver award!


Comment # 229

too bad you don’t deserve it, and you make the doodlebops have a bad image.

Comment # 230

The below comment was mean and uncalled for. If you don’t like this site, then go away. We don’t want you here. I happen to like this site very much. It’s very informative and fun.

Comment # 231

who over wrote the first comment is obviously out of there mind and BLIND have u looked around this site is AMAZING!!!

Comment # 232

The first comment is just nonsense.If you don’t like the Doodlebops or this site,get out of here! This site is AWESOME!

Comment # 233

Sad how rival sites get jealous. tsk tsk.The first comment makes me laugh.

You rock TF!

Comment # 234

aw, thanks guys. i love u all <3 I would delete that first comment, but I just think its funny. hahaha, thanks for the laugh.

Comment # 235

I LOVE THIS SITE! i actually think its better then the official doodlebops site!!! :ddnod: :rooneynod: :moenod:

Comment # 236

doddle bops are sssssssooooooo cool i love you moe you re so cute :moetounge: :drums:

Comment # 237

you s are fuckedinnhtthe headdd :moerock: :rooneyyay: :moerock: :ddyay: :ddtounge: :moetounge: :ddtounge:

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