Week three contest winners
Posted on 12/24/06 by Stephanie 1:27 PM

The winners of week three’s contest are Traci, Caren and Hannah a.k.a the Kansas family. They made this awesome Doodlebops themed Christmas tree. Great job guys!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Click on the buttons below to view the other entries. You may see all contest entries in the gallery here.

Week four, TF’s last contest for the year, is now up so head over to the contest page and check it out.

And a reminder, don’t miss the Doodlebops in the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade tomorrow. If you live in the US it will air at 10:00AM on ABC and if you live in Canada it will air at 10:30AM on CBC.


Comment # 245

I saw the parade, great job doodles!!!!

Comment # 246

moe youre the best i want to come to see youre show but i live in wa in york and i have ppics of you im the same age aswell :moecool: :moetounge: :drums: :moesmile: :moewow:

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