Get Up and Groove with the Doodlebops DVD & concert pictures
Posted on 02/06/07 by Stephanie 10:42 AM

Doodlebops: Get Up and Groove with the Doodlebops DVD will be released on April 24, 2007.

You can pre-order from the links below:


<-- 1/27/07: Phoenix, Arizona
Samantha had a great time at the show & was able to meet the cast afterwards. She shares her pictures with TF!
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1/21/07: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma –>
TF visitor Mattie (AuroraFionaRoselai) rocked out doodle outfits with her two friends at this show & they really did get loud!
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<-- 1/12/07: Corpus Christi, Texas
Suzanne F. took her daughter to see the doodlebops and they had a rockin’ time!
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1/13/07: Houston, Texas –>
Erica donates her pictures from the show she attended with her family.
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<-- 1/14/07: Beaumont, Texas
Tara M. treated her two daughters to a Doodlebop show and they loved it!
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1/20/07: Grand Prairie, Texas –>
Little Deedee and Rooney had a blast at this show :)
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<-- 1/25/07 - Wal-Mart signing in Tucson, Arizona
The Melendez Family attended this autograph signing and shares their pictures with us!
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1/26/07: Tucson, Arizona –>
Thanks Ben!
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<-- 1/28/07: Prescott Vallery, Arizona
Rachel & her family simply loved the show! Here are their pictures.
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11/1/05 – Calgary, AB –>
Connor sent in his pictures from one of the stops on the Doodles promotional mall tour they did in Canada.
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ilove u moe you r so hot :moetounge: :moewow:

Comment # 258

Omg the Doodlebops are so hot!!!everytime they are on i a;ways sing and dance with them i have so much fun. DeeDee is a alsome singer, Rooney is alsome at inventin things, and Moe is a alsome Dancer<33 They are so OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!! :ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile: :keytar: :guitar: :drums:

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