Huge gallery update & season 3 news*
Posted on 03/27/07 by Stephanie 4:36 PM

Season 3:

U.S – Season 3 is scheduled to debut on Playhouse Disney on Monday, April 9th.
Here is the list of the episodes set to air in that coming week:

April 9: The Name Game
April 10: Think Pink
April 11: Chicken and the Eggs
April 12: Robo-Moe
April 13: The Frazzels

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Artwork & Goodies:

Traci shows off her artist skills and drew these pictures for Lisa, Chad & Jon.
[View pictures]

This is a 2006 Limited Production Cookie Jar of the Doodlebops. Only 1,024 of these were made and gave to upper magenment and select persons.
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<-- 3/15/07: Evansville, Indiana
I attended these shows with my friend Hannah and we had a great time! [View pictures]

3/15/07: Evansville, Indiana –>
&& here are Hannah’s pictures from the shows.
[View pictures]

<-- 2/22/07: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Laura shares awesome pictures of Zachary & friend Colby with the bops and older brother David who is the head carpenter on the stage crew.
[View pictures]

2/25/07: Broomfield, Colorado –>
Anginet took some amazing pictures at this show and she shares them with TF!
[View pictures]

<-- 3/4/07: San Diego, California
Together Forever member Laura (DoodlesUsed2ScareMe) saw the Doodles with her son and husband…they all had a rocking time!
[View pictures]

3/11/07: Topeka, Kansas –>
Traci sends in her pictures from their doodlebopin weekend. This time they got pictures with Amanda, Jackie, Micheal, Anthony & James.
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<-- 3/1/07: Anaheim, California
Fermin & his friend had a rocking time at the show & met the cast afterwards.
[View pictures]

3/1/07: Anaheim, California –>
Together Forever member Lisa (kittenvelour) caught the Doodles in Cali and she donates her pictures to DRM.net.
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<-- 2/19/07: Salt Lake City, Utah
Heidi won backstage passes & was able to meet the Doodlebops.
[View pictures]

1/26/07: Tucson, Arizona –>
Kevin donates his pictures.
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<-- 11/3/06: Wal-Mart (Auburn, ME)
These pictures are from a signing that took place at a Wal-Mart in Auburn, Maine.
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2/17/07: Kennewick, Washington –>
A big thanks to Brandy for sending in these pictures.
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<-- 1/27/07: Phoenix, Arizona
Brandt D got the cast to sign some drumheads. He asked for these pictures to only be posted on TF.
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3/5/07: Las Vegas, Nevada –>
Dawn donates her pictures to the site, she had a great time at the show.
[View pictures]

<-- 3/5/07: Las Vegas, Nevada
Caroline ran into Lisa, Chad & Jon at a hotel in Vegas and they posed with her daughter for pictures.
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3/1/07: Anaheim, California –>
Together Forever member Ashley (Twista) caught a couple shows with her sisters & friend who all had a rocking time. They caught up with the cast after the show.
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<--2/3/07: San Jose, California
Thanks Nikki.
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2/4/07: Sacramento, California –>
Mom & Dad took Sammy to a show and she loved it. Here is some of her doodlebopin day.
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<-- 2/2/07: Oakland, California
Suzy attended the show with a few of her friends and they had a blast.
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