Happy Easter!
Posted on 04/08/07 by Stephanie 12:29 PM

I am holding a special “Together Forever” Doodlebops Easter Egg Hunt today. These are the 4 eggs you will have to find:

(Keep in mind these eggs do not count. They are just here to show what you will be looking for).

The hunt will start tonight at 9PM EST.

The eggs will be hidden around the site…and could be anywhere.
Example: Main site, forum, gallery, etc.

Once you find an egg, send an e-mail stating which egg you found and where to contests@deedeerooneymoe.net

Only 1 egg, per person. If you find more then one egg, please do not share its location. There will be 4 winners total.

Prizes will be annouced to winners.

Good luck everyone!


Comment # 266

Oh how fun! I stink at these but I’ll try lol!

Comment # 267

:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile: Did she really get wet?

Comment # 268

When will Stephanie annouce the winners?

Comment # 269

I would love to see my name on here I never won before. :moewink: :moetounge: :moerock: :moewow: :drums:

Comment # 270

I wish I could meet the doodlebops especially Deedee Doodle I think she’s my favorite doodlebop!

Comment # 271

I wish I meet the doodlebops. They are cool. :keytar: :guitar: :drums:

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