Join the Doodlebops at the Gill Deacon show!
Posted on 04/25/07 by Stephanie 10:43 PM

The Doodlebops will be appearing live on the Gill Deacon studio on Friday, April 27th, 2007 located at 25 John Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The taping is from 10 -11:30 AM. We ask that you arrive between 9:30-9:45 AM to
check in.

If you are interested in tickets please email gilltix@cbc.ca by Thursday, April 26th at 4pm.

Your email must include:
-Number of adult tickets
-Number of Kids tickets (children of all ages are welcome)
-Daytime number with voicemail to confirm your tickets


Comment # 275

Is the u.s tour over already?! I want the doodlebops to stay in the u.s.!

Comment # 276

Yes,the US tour ended four days ago. :ddsad: :rooneysad: :moesad:

Comment # 277

:ddwow: :rooneywow: :moewow:your kidding thats so not fair,well i’m sure canada misses them as well but it happened so fast and i just loved the concert!’sigh’ but i’m sure they’ll be back soon. :ddsad: :rooneysad: :moesad:

Comment # 278

Wait until this summer because the Doodles will be doing a four day show somewhere in June.I can’t go. :moesad:

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