Meet the Doodles in Arkansas today & V-Log #1!
Posted on 10/25/07 by Stephanie 10:56 AM

The Doodlebops will be signing autographs today at a Wal-mart in Little Rock, Arkansas. The signing will take place at 4PM. The address is 700 S. Bowman Rd. If you can make it out, go and meet the doodles!

:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile:

V-Log #1:


Comment # 305

your so adorable. :rooneytounge:

Comment # 306

Hey there! Cute V-log. I even got a mention in it for my pics. Very cool! The kids are adorable. Love the site. Keep up the great work.

Comment # 307

Great V-Log Steph* Loved It! :ddnod:
The Doodleboppers are soo cute,
they want to see the Doodlebops Live again.
Me Too! :guitar::drums::keytar:
Can’t wait for the site update’s. You Rock*
Thanks for all Your hard Work!

Comment # 308

Nice V-Log Steph! :moenod:The two kids are so cute.It’s awesome you’re using V-Log to tell the site’s news and we actually get to see you talk!
YOU ROCK STEPHANIE!! :keytar: :guitar: :drums:

Comment # 309

Hey I totally love the video blog and the girls are so cut keep up the great work steph you. rock. :ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

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