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Posted on 03/04/08 by Stephanie 4:11 AM

A new Doodlebops DVD will be released on May 6th, 2008 called Doodlebops: Live in Concert which you can pre-order now! Remember, everything you order through DRM goes toward keeping the site open :)

There is also a whole bunch of books now avaiable!

TF member, Jenni, found this recent article where Chad talks more about how the audition process worked and how they have never missed a show:

“An ailing Greg Page recently retired after a 15-year stint with the Wiggles, the wildly popular tot-rockers from Down Under. The show has gone on, with a new man in yellow. But McNamara — who has learned to play guitar like alter ego Rooney — expects the Doodlebops won’t bop ’til they drop. He’d like to see the show live on in reruns then evolve into a cartoon.

Touring is hard on the trio, he noted, “and we’ve never, ever had understudies,” he said.

“And none of us has ever missed a show. We’ve done it through food poisoning, laryngitis, a broken ankle — we cover for each other.

“We can read each other like a book. We know when to step in.”

Overall, though, he has no complaints with kiddie iconhood. He does wish his signature color was green, though green hair, skin and a wig “might not look too good,” he agreed.

What amazes him is how little ones seem to recognize him when he’s out of costume. “When I’m in an elevator, I find them staring at me,” he said.

“I can just catch (a baby’s eye) and can tell they think they know who I am. It must be my voice.”

Read the full article here

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I’m defiantely getting the new DVD in May! :ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

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