Meet the Doodlebops

The Doodlebops are a delightful trio of siblings who have formed a rock band to express themselves and bring a little kindness back into the world. They are always busy at Doodlebop Central working on new songs to perform for their fans. With a warm hearted message for all and a toe tapping rhythm, there’s something for everyone to love about them. Maybe that’s why they continue to gather fans of all ages from around the globe!

I’m Deedee Doodle!

Lisa J. Lennox, has a very beautiful, melodic voice. She is full of energy and loves to take charge of the trio. Her days are most often spent alongside her brothers, Moe and Rooney, singing and dancing. Every day, DeeDee can be found telling jokes to her pal Mudge, who is not always as excited as she is!

– Instrument: keyboard/key-tar
– Favorite color: pink
– Favorite activity: dancing
– Favorite food: cauliflower
– Favorite drink: milk
– Likes to read about: places around the world
– Favorite animal: zebra
– Very good at: writing songs
– Always has: a smile!
– Favorite saying: “Come on – Let’s go!”

I’m Rooney Doodle!

Chad McNamara, loves to ask questions! He is the wisest of the group, and is often quickest to learn and teach his siblings, DeeDee and Moe! Rooney enjoys a good book, practicing his dance steps and guitar playing!

– Instrument: guitar
– Favorite color: blue
– Favorite activity: singing
– Favorite food: Cheese and Crackers/Blueberries
– Favorite drink: apple juice
– Likes to read about: outer space

– Favorite animal: dolphin
– Very good at: inventing things

– Always has: a question to ask
– Favorite saying: “I wonder why…?”

I’m Moe Doodle!

Jonathan Wexler, is all about a good time. The most hyper of the three, Moe is always on the move. He plays the drums, dances, sings, runs around, it’s hard to keep track! Every day, Moe plays a game of hide and seek with Rooney and DeeDee. He also loves to tease his brother and sister by, despite everyone telling him not to, pulling the rope! Refreshing!

– Instrument: drums
– Favorite color: red
– Favorite activity: making noise!
– Favorite food: celery…because it’s loud!
– Favorite drink: grape juice
– Favorite animal: monkey
– Very good at: playing hide and seek
– Always has: messy hair
– Favorite saying: “Taa daa! Here I am!”

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