Supporting Cast

Although, these characters might not be the Doodlebops, they certainly add a lot to the show!

Bus Driver Bob

With Bus Driver Bob’s help, played by John Catucci, the Doodlebops always make it to their concerts on time! He chauffeurs the kids on each trip to the concert hall with his one of a kind bus! He even offers his own ideas on just about everything. Bus Driver Bob is a great encourager, and loves the responsibility of driving the Doodlebops to their adoring fans.


Jazzmin, played by Jackie Richardson, is the new manager of the Doodlebops. She knows how to make sure everything is running smoothly, and the Doodles can always turn to her for help. With her swinging beats and quick rhythm, Jazz is always there to make sure the Doodlebops are ready for their concerts. She always reminds the fans, “to give it up for the Doodlebops!”

Audio Murphy

Audio Murphy is one sly dog! He manages the recording studio and adds the finishing touches to the Doodlebop’s music. He’s always trying to find new ways to get the Doodlebop’s name OUT THERE. Audio Murphy is one of the bands biggest supporters, not to mention closest friends.

Mr. Moosehead

Mr. Mooshead is another one of the bands closest friends. He’s a moose that lives on the wall of Doodlebop central. With his sarcastic sense of humor and comedic flare, he’s a great addition to the show.


Mudge is a cat who lives in a mirror. Sometimes he’s a little grouchy when DeeDee tells him her knock knock jokes but we all know he loves to hear them! He’s a very social cat but like most cats, he’s very independent. Just don’t forget about him, or you’ll think he got into the cat nip!

Special Guests

Season 1:

Jumping Judy

Mazz introduces her cousin, Jumping Judy, to the Doodlebops. She tells them that her favorite thing to do is jump, and bounces around the clubhouse enough to prove she is quite the jumper. The Doodlebops have a great time with her, but get caught up in finding a new, exciting act for their concert. When the Doodles run out of time, they stop and see that Judy’s sensational jumping would be just the thing to rock the show. Jumping Judy made sure everyone was on their feet and jumping!


Season 2:

Zimmy ZimZam

Deedee’s favorite singer, Zimmy ZimZam, comes to Doodlebop Central to meet the famous Doodlebops. Zimmy also gets to sing a part in their new song “My Hero.” When they arrive at the concert, the Doodlebops find out that Zimmy is a huge fan of theirs! The Doodles learn that they also have artists like themselves as fans.

Previous Cast

We sure miss these guys!


Mazz, played by Kim Roberts, was the Doodlebops first manager. She was there to lend the Doodles a hand, and always ready for advice. She kept the place jumping with her quick scat talk, and even helped the Doodles with some songs. Even though she is gone, Mazz will always be remembered as a great manager!

Talking Busts

Even though they were placed in the corner of Doodlebop Central, they were never excluded from the fun. The Talking Busts would always crack jokes and kept the place a little more lively. They were especially handy whenever Deedee and Rooney had trouble finding Moe. The Talking Busts would always make Doodlebop Central every bit more unique.


You wouldn’t find this guy around too often, but he would always show up in the most unsuspecting places. The little Alien may have not been from this world, but the Doodles made him feel right at home.


The Penguin was a silly sort of character. He could always make the Doodlebops laugh, and he was always into something new whenever you’d see him.


The Chickens seemed to always be around Doodlebop Central. Whether it was finding Moe, singing a song, or even playing around, the Chickens would always be there to make sure everyone was having fun!

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