Deedee’s Keytar

On the show, Deedee is most often seen playing her keytar, which is a keyboard shaped as a guitar that straps easily around her as she dances to the music. Of course, in true DeeDee fashion, the keytar is decked out in pink and fuzzy designs. At times, Deedee also plays the keyboard. Whichever instrument she decides to use, there’s no denying that girl can play!

Rooney’s Guitar

Rooney often plays around with his newly-invented instruments, but most days, he rocks out on his awesome guitar. Of course, Rooney’s added a number of knobs, switches, and anything else you can imagine. The guitar makes over 100 different sounds! Rooney has also found a way for his special guitar to tune itself! Who knows what other cool effects he may add to this unique instrument in the future?

Moe’s Drums

It is said that Moe is a loud noise himself, so what better instrument for him to play than the drums?! Not just any drums though, Moe’s drums are bright and fuzzy! That’s not even the best thing about them, Moe’s drumset can even light up! He also has a set that he can wear while he dances! Moe plays his drums enthusiastically, and even twirls and spins his awesome red drumsticks. No one suits this drumset better than Moe Doodle.

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