Fan of the Month


Name: Samantha
Reason: The Doodlebops have meant a lot to me over the last year and a half. When I was 10, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I was in the hospital all year until I was 11 and a half. When I was going through chemotherapy, I would turn on The Doodlebops after every session. Watching the show made the pain ease a little bit. They always brightened my day, even after I was in pain from all of the needles. Luckily, the doctors found the cancer early enough and after a series of PANFUL tests, they found out that I was cancer-free. I’m 12 now, my hair has grown back, and the cancer has not returned. If I can remain cancer free for another 5 years, I’m cured. I truly believe that watching The Doodlebops every day helps keep the doctor away! They’re the ones who gave me the strength and hope to carry on. I would probably have not been alive right now if not for them! That’s why I think I would be a good candidate. Not because I watch every single episode, not because I know every song by heart, but because I truly appreciate what they do everyday to make people happy, just like me!

Do you think you have what it takes to be Together Forever’s fan of the month?

Then apply!

Please note, if you don’t win for the current month, your entry is still valid for further pickings.

December Fan of the Month:

Apply and let me know why you should be fan of the month. Feel free to write as much as you want. Make a good impression and good luck!



Why you should be chosen:


name: Berenice
reason: cause i love your shows your songs you are awesome!!!!!!

name: Chelsey
reason: i love the doodlebops soo much. i watch them everyday. i know all there songs by heart.

name: Nina
reason: because i think they’re really cool fun to watch & sing & dance along to!

name: Michelle
reason: I should be Fan of the Month because I’m a huge Doodlebops fan and I watch this show every morning. Deedee, Rooney and Moe make me laugh and they’re all very cute!!

name: Melana
reason: i should be chosen cause i rock. just kidding. i made my life goal to meet the doodlebops, and i did…twice. i painted my walls in my room the volors of the doodlebops. i collect anything i can about them. and of course i should be fan of the month cause i rock. that helps.

name: Sabrina
reason: I love the Doodlebops! The dancing and singing on the actors’ part is really wonderful and fantastic. This awesome site really compliments them if you ask me!

name: Rachel
reason: Every morning I look forward to the Doodlebops. They make my day, and even though people laugh at me for watching them, I still have Doodlebop pride.

name: Caren
reason: I love the Doodlebops alot. I love going to this site and meeting new friends and learning new info. I think this is a cool place. Thanks.

name: Samantha
reason: i should be chosen because i am a nice person, i’m always there if any1 needs help. Everyone calls me a friend so why not.

name: Jazmine
reason: I absoulutely, positively, am in Love with the Doodlebops, and not many 13 yr. olds can say that!! I watch their show everyday!! I will be a great pick for Fan of the Month!!

name: Jayleen
reason: I should totally be chosen because I always watch your shows, but that’s not it, I never missed one of your shows, i see them everyday at playhouse disney and in other channels too! if they repeat, is better for me because i can learn all your lyrics, omg this is so cool, I almosy know every single word in all your songs, like ” come with me, and we’ll see all there is to see, you can be who you want to be, we can go anywhere today, yeah yeah, it’s ok, we know bob always knows the way, all aboard there’s no time to delay, come along we can sing and play” there is more but that is the part i love because it is true! I love you doodlebops! All the songs that you sing have a significance like the “very scary” song, it showed me not to be afraid… you saved my life with that. Thanks!!!!!

name: Mecca
reason: I know every song and I love the doodlebops I never missed a episode and I vist the site daily both together forever and the offical doodlebop website.

name: Bianca
reason: The Doodlebops is the most awesomest show ever!!!! I watch it with my cousin katherine who is also a big doodlebops fan!!! they’re like numero uno on the list of the people i’d like to meet. I havent gotten to go to a concert but i realy wish i could. For halloween if we find the costumes we’re going to dress up as Rooney and Moe, cause my favorite is Rooney and her favorite is Moe!!We also like Deedee and bus driver Bob

name: Ruby
reason: I love the DoodleBops with all of my heart! I am such a huge fan of theirs! I have pictures and items of them everywhere! To me they are a constant reminder to have fun everyday! They help me let my fun side out everytime I watch them. I am so dedicated to them that I watch all of their shows! I even record everyone of them. I wake up at 8:00 am rain or shine just to watch them! And, I learn ALL of the songs and the ALL the dance steps! I know and teach the main dances like Get On the Bus and Moe’s dance in The Might Moe Machine to all of my sisters and friends! If I hadn’t seen this show I would have been in a every sad place in my life! I stick up for them all the time to all of the negative people who surround me. Every time I watch them I feel whole again and that’s a wonderful feeling. It helps me spread Doodlebop joy to all of the world! (Even if they don’t like them!) It is for this reason that I should be chosen as The Fan of the Month! Thank You so much Steph for making this wonderful site for all of us fans!

name: Gabby
reason: I think that i should be the fan of the month because i am dedicated to the doodlebops 100% i got tons of my friends into them and even if anyone insults them ill always stick up for them no matter what the cost or the coicedences are, i was talking to my teacher last year and she said that she was flipping through the channels on tv and she said that she saw the show and thought it was stupid! i said you know what man maybe thats just because you dont rock at all and wont ever be a doodlefan…thats probably why all of your dont like you!….it was mean i know but i didnt think about it it just sorta slipped out. anyway i would do any thing to meet the doodlebops..especially moe because hes soo cute with his make up and with his makeup off. but i would repaint my room the doodlebops colors but i just painted it purple like,2 years ago and my mom that i cant repaint it. but i have all of theyre dvds and cds and i just think thats its so cool that they all got into this for the kids i think thats awesome! any way,i love the doodlebops and i dont think that it matters that im 12 i think that the doodlebops are great for people of all ages and i really enjoy the show.thats why i think that i would be a great choice for fan of the month!(dont pull the rope!jk)

name: Hannah S.
reason: Hi Steph I am having my aunt put me in for fan of the month. I think I should be choosen because I just love the Doodlebops. I am not old enough to tyoe this my self but would you please acccept this. My mom and aunt are taking me all the way to Florida to see the Doodlebops. You see the country I come fron doesn’t get the Doodlebopsand I am so glad that I get to see them. I have a Doodlebop back pack and a clock that my mom has bought me. My aunt ahas made me something things that are the Doodlebops.They have also bought me several other things for me to show my Doodlebop spirit. I watch the tape my aunt has taped for me everyday.The Doodlebops have taught me to share my things with my sister. I hope you will take my application for Fan of the Month Steph. I love the Doodlebops so much.

name: Aiden
reason: I should be chosen as doodlebop fan of the month because I love Moe DeeDee and Rooney. I turn 2 next monthand my mommy is havinga DoodleBops party for me. I think the bops will show up to. I watch the doodle bops a million time sa day I have all teh dvds and many teshirts I love the bops

name: Rebeca
reason: I LOVE the doodle bops!!!! whenever there show is on i watch, sing, and dance to it every morning!!That Show is the best!!!!!!!I’ve met them twice and there SO NICE. DeeDee, Rooney, and Moe signed my shirt!!! IT WAS ALSOME

name: Ashley
reason: i have one sister and one other brother. we love to watch the doodlebops every single morning at 7:30 and 10:00. we wake up and dance and sing with the doodlebops. i LOVED the doodlebops the minute i watched it. its just so fun to watch and its so much fun to get up and dance and sing without any thought put in to it. the music just makes you want to dance. the doodlebops are definitely what makes the rest of my day as wonderful as they always are. i can never get my day started without watching the doodlebops! i know almost all of the songs and dances by heart and i even sing and dance to them even when the doodlbops aren’t on tv. one of my life set goals is to meet all 3 doodlebops so i can just say that “i have meet the doodlebops before!” i would feel really proud to be able to say that to someone. i just think that i deserve to be Fan of the Month! please steph!

name: bri
reason: i should be choosen because i love the doodlebops and i like put there pictures up on my wall and i watch them everyday!i alwayswanted to meet them and i met all of them and got their autographs!rroney has great inventing skills.deedee has a rockin voice and moe is hilarious!doodlebops rock!!!!

name: BRE
reason: I am entring my daughter. She loves the Doodlebops so much she will throw a tamtrum & literally cry if they are not on every time she wants to see them. She’ll run around the house repeating their names until either the show comes on, or I pull them up on the net. Then she hugs the monitor when she see’s them. Bre is only 2 and crazy for the Doodlebops!

name: Cindi
reason: I am 18 and i watch the doodlebops because they are so much fun..my 2 year old nephew was watching them one day and ever since then i havnt been able to pass it up… anytime i babysit i show the children i babysit the doodlebops and they get addicted to them to! so i’m kind of like an advertiser too!! haha

name: Edward E Couret Jr
reason: i am 1 zillion times infinity % the Doodlebops fan i love them they teach me things like reading is fun,they teach me that if a word is hard to remember make a song about it and much more so i feel i love them more then everyone in the world and im a fan for every month of the year for life love you all from your friend Edward E Couret Jr.

name: Hannah
reason: I think that i should be chosen for FAN of the MONTH because i am one of the most DOODLEBOP crazed human beings on this planet u will EVER meet! I live, breath, and sleep the doodles. They mean everything to me! Also being such a dedicated fan that i am i have tooken a lot of CRAP from my friends and family, but its OK because the Doodles, this site, and everyone that i have met here make it all rite, and it also makes me more of a FAN. MORE than i could of EVER imagined! The DOODLEBOPS are SIMPLY the BEST!!

name: Benjamin
reason: I should be chosen as fan of the month because I have Ben-jamin to all the Doodlebop songs! You guys ROCK!!

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