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what is chads original eye color?abracadeedee

Chad has green eyes.

Do all the doodlebops live in Canada? – Kailey

Stephanie, I was just wondering if there is anyway you can let me know when the Doodlebops are coming to the US so I can get tickets ASAP. I have been checking but have not found anything out as of yet. I live in Alabama.Laresa

The Doodlebops are having a US tour this fall and it will continue into spring. All the details such as dates, tickets, etc…will be on this site, as well as the official site, once released.

What happened to the old DeeDee?Suzanne

Nothing at all! Deedee just had a wonderful makeover, She is still played by Lisa Lennox.

I totally luv the doodles and ur site. i make graphix too and i wanted to kno wat font u used for the “music” graphic.. its really cute. =) thanks!Anna

Awe, why thank you! The font I used for the “music” graphic is called “Disney Simple.”

What does DeeDee look like without her makeup?Beth

You can view pictures of Lisa (Deedee) here!

Do the Doodlebops have dolls? If so where can I see pics?mecca

The Doodlebops will have dolls, they just haven’t been released yet. Keep checking back to the site for updates on the merchandise.

Hey, first i just want to say that u’re site is amazing. Secondly, I was curious if u had a video of Moe breakdancing, like the one in the link tag..thanks. – thinkabtit

Thanks for the website comment! The videos are currently down, but I’m hoping to get them back up soon once I find a place to host them. If you must have it and can’t wait, just send me an e-mail and i can get it to you :)

Does Jon wexler have a fan club yet? Please tell Jamie waese he’s a true genius for comin up with the Doodlebops!! Your new look 4 the site is soo awesome keep up the great work!! – Lisa

Jonathan doesn’t have his own fanclub at the moment, but The Doodlebops do! You can join it at their official site here. Thank you for the sweet comments about the site as well. I’m glad you enjoy it :)

What color is Jon’s hair, I can’t tell if it’s dark brown or black and will the Doodlebops be releasing a cd here in the US? – Lisa

Jon’s hair is dark brown. the CD for the doodlebops has not been released in the US yet, but you can order it from Canada at Together Forever’s store.

is there going to be a 3 season?Kelly

Yes, as a matter of fact, they have begun the filming for Season 3.

Is there a site that has the doodlebops videos on the net that I can view?melissa

Yes, you can view 3 of their music videos here.

When are the Doodlebops touring the U.S?#! Fan

The dates are still unknown, but there IS talk about when they will be touring in the states. Once I find anything out, it will be posted up on the fansite. Keep checking back!

What do the new costumes look like? are they really different or just a little?(and your site is the best!)Andrea

The new costumes basically look the same. Just a few improvements were added. Check out the pictures in the exclusive section of the gallery to see the new outfits. DeeDee’s outfit went threw the biggest change. As for the concert scenes, they have glittery outfits but you will have to wait to see those. By the way, thanks for the comment on the site and I hope you keep coming back! =D

I was just wondering if the doodlebops lip sync because sometimes on the show it looks like it. Just wondering, I just LOVE Rooney though!Lorrie

Yes, I’m pretty sure they do. It is nearly impossible to hit all of those dance steps and sing perfectly on key. Also, it is their real voices. I know some people wonder about that sometimes.

Is jon really from london? – Leslie

Yes, he is from London (Ontairo, Canada) not England, if that’s what you’re thinking :)

When will the second season of the doodlebops start? – Lisa

The second season is set to air on December 12th, in Canada. I’m not too sure if this date also includes the US. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Do you have any pictures of rooney doodle without the makeup?Samantha

You can view pictures of Rooney (Chad) here.

Who is your favorite doodlebop?Monizzle

Well, at first my favorite was Moe. Then I moved over to Rooney, then DeeDee! Now, I must say, all three are my favorite. I just cant pick.

do you have any pictures of Moe without makeup?Lisa

You can view pictures of Jon here.

What program did you use to make the sites layouts, image designs, colors and stuff?Noriega

I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe Photoshop 7. For animations, I use Jasco Animation Shop 3, which comes with Paint Shop Pro 7. These programs can be very confusing at first, but I strongly recommend them for webdesigns. I just love them!

does moe have a stunt doulble? – walter

No, he does not have a stunt double. That really is Jon doing all of the breakdancing.

What are the new costumes that everyone is talking about?amy

The new costumes will make their apperance on the 2nd season of the Doodlebops. I’m sure you will love them, I know I do.

Do the doodlebops have their own e – mail addresses where you can ask them questions and they write backAshley

Not that I know of. Try sending them a letter at info@doodlebops.com.

Not a question but a comment.I love the site- My 2 and a half year old loves them- cant wait to see moreTonya

Awe, why thank you Tonya! I’m glad you enjoy it =)

why do you have the red things on ur left hand??Alicia

Those red circles are what holds their “magic power” I guess, I don’t know what it is called. If you ever see them give each other a high five, it makes a glitterly flash. A good example is at the end of the Theme song, when they pose after singing “We’re the Doodlebops.”

Where are you getting all of these pics? And who is that girl that Jon is hugging?Fay

I guess you could say I’ve done my research. It takes time to try and track down pictures of them unmasked. About the other question, I have no idea who that girl is. All I know is that she was in the same play as Jon. I don’t want to go into his personal life though, so I’m leaving it at that.

how do I get jonathan wexler’s address to send him a letter and so i can get an autograph?connie

I don’t have Jon’s address and if I did, I wouldn’t give it out. Try e-mailing info@doodlebops.com for an autograph, maybe they will send you one.

I love the website!! ok here’s my question how old are you?mandy

Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m 18 =)

My son loves the show and I want to get him an album. I have seen that one was to be released in May but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know if they have released one in the US?Meredith

You’re right, orginally there was suppose to be an album for the Doodlebops released in May, but it got pushed back to September. From what I know, they want to release it when the tour in Canada kicks off. I’m not sure when it will be released in the US. Keep checking back to the site though for updates :)

how do you think I could get more info on the doodlebops? Do you think that I will like the taping if I go to canada? And did you really see the doodlebops at the taping, and were the doodlebops wearing their new costumes?lexie

You’ll find a lot of information on the Doodlebops on this site. The concert tapings for the 2nd season is over, it was only on July 21st. Of course I saw the Doodlebops, it was their taping and yes, they were wearing the new costumes =)

Will the doodlebops ever come to the US to do a concert?Shaina

The Doodlebops are planning a tour in Canada around October. After that, they will head down to the US.

Did you get to meet the doodlebops? And if you did were they nice? I especially want to know about jonathan(moe)Fay

Yes, I got the chance to attend the concert tapings on July 21st, 2005. In between the two tapings, I spotted Jon and Chad out and about. Of course, I went other and talked to them. Very nice.

I did the caption it, but mine didn’t show up?Lexie

After you submit your caption, it goes straight to my e-mail. After I get it, I have to add them to the Caption section myself.

how do you take a clock and but it on a site?Kelsey

First off, the clocks will not work on myspace because myspace doesn’t support javascript. They should work on other sites, message boards, etc. There is a code under each clock that you copy. Paste it where ever you want the clock to show up.

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