The Doodlebops – Phone Interview

February 14th, 2006

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Deedee: Hello?

Amber: Hi!

Deedee: Hi!

Amber: How are you?

Deedee: I’m doing very well, how are you?

Amber: Pretty good.

Deedee: Good!

Amber: Alright. Well, um I have some questions for you if you don’t mind
answering a couple…

Deedee: (laughs) I would love to.

Amber: Okay great. Well um, since I have you on the phone I have a question
specifically for you.

Deedee: Okay…

Amber: Um, Living with two little brothers must be tough..

Deedee: (giggles)

Amber: Do you ever wish you had a little sister?

Deedee: Uh, sometimes I wish, just to practice make-up on and stuff. But you
know I always influence the boys and put a tutu on them and stuff, so it’s
not really a problem.

Amber: (laughs) Well, they look great in a tutu.

Deedee: Yep. (laughs)

Amber: Well, there have been alot of changes to season two, which is great
so far. I’ve seen all the episodes so far. Um, you have alot of new cast
members, well a few new members.

Deedee: Uh huh

Amber: You have Jazz and Audio Murphy

Deedee: Oh, they’re fabulous!

Amber: Are they? I was just gonna ask how you felt about them.

Deedee: Oh, they are our favourite and they make it easy and it’s just nice
to go to work every day, and especially the recording studio. Audio Murphy
always makes us laugh.

Amber: I love that. That’s great, awesome. Um, what’s the funniest thing
that has ever happened on-set?

Deedee: Um, (giggles) There’s too many things. Every day there’s something
that happens. I don’t know if I can be specific.

Amber: That’s okay

Deedee: Um (thinking..)

Amber: Can you think of anything recent?

Deedee: Um, Rooney? What’s something that’s happened lately on set?

Rooney: Um, (inaudible)

Deedee: (laughs) It’s always fun, these guys are just ridiculous like, all
the time.

Amber: Well that’s okay, as long as you guys are having fun.

Deedee: Yeah. I forget steps and like, you know I…sometimes forget my
words or, you know we always have to re-do it and it’s like ‘Dee dee!’ But
you know, they’re pretty cool about it.

Amber: Well you do an awesome job anyways.

Deedee: Ha ha, thanks.

Amber: Uh, what’s your favourite episode of season 2?

Deedee: Um, well I could just not wait for Zimmy ZimZam to come.

Amber: That was, that was a good episode.

Amber & Deedee: I loved that one!

Deedee: And it was one of my favourite songs, so.

Amber: It’s a good one.

Deedee: That’s why I love it.

Amber: I have so many favourites, I just can’t..pick.

Deedee: I know!

Amber: Um, what else do I have? Well you guys are going like, right across
Canada really soon.

Deedee: Uh huh.

Amber: So..

Deedee: I’m so excited.

Amber: So am I, I’m going to a few of the Ontario shows.

Deedee: Oh, cool!

Amber: I’ll be bringing the kids with me.

Deedee: Aw, nice!

Amber: Yeah. So, out of all the cities you guys have performed in, what’s
your favourite? Do you have one?

Deedee: Um, I…I mean, it was our first time going to all these places, so
everything was new. Um, Victoria was just gorgeus cause you know, you’re
right by the water it was really, really beautiful. Calgary was fun, just
the whole cowboy feel, you know I just loved it.

Amber: Okay

Deedee: We can’t wait to go back.

Amber: Um, what else do I have? Season three. You guys are almost done with
season 2, I think we have like 5 more episodes here in Canada, any talk of
season three?

Deedee: Oh, you know it! We’re starting very soon.

Amber: Wow, that’s great! I was worried.

Deedee: (laughs) No worries!

Amber: Alright, umm…

Deedee: I’ve got Rooney here, he’s dying to talk to you!

Amber: Okay!

Deedee: Want me to pass you on?

Amber: Sure. Thank you, very much.

Deedee: Thank you Amber, it was really fun talking to you!

Amber: Thanks!

Deedee: Bye bye!

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Rooney: Hello?

Amber: Hello!

Rooney: Hey! How are ya?

Amber: Pretty good, how are you?

Rooney: I’m not bad.

Amber: Good, um..I have a couple of questions for you

Rooney: Of course!

Amber: Okay. Um well, we all know what a great inventor you are…

Rooney: Uh huh…

Amber: Well, even if your inventions don’t always go as planned…

Rooney: (laughs)

Amber: We always learn a valuable lesson..

Rooney: Yeah!

Amber: Do you have a favourite invention?

Rooney: Humm…(thinking) I do. It would probably be the Bring a Sound

Amber: Yeah, that one’s good. I liked it.

Rooney: I think it was the one I got the most excited about, and I loved the
fact that it actually worked. I think I got carried away, well obviously

Amber: The episode was great too.

Rooney: Yeah! It was so much fun to do.

Amber: Yeah.

Rooney: And I think it was probably the best lesson.

Amber: Good.

Rooney: Of all the inventions…The funnest one I did though was that uh,
slow speed simulator was fun.

Amber: That one was good too. I think I watched that one yesterday.

Rooney: (laughs)

Amber: Well okay, I have I think, three more questions, so I’ll ask them to
you if you don’t mind..

Rooney: Yeah! Of course..

Amber: Well okay, The Doodlebops is a show meant for pre-schoolers. I have a
six year old and a two year old who absolutely love you..

Rooney: Yay!

Amber: But (giggles) When you get online, you notice that you have ALOT of
teenage fans…

Rooney: Mmm-Hmm

Amber: Like…tons!

Rooney: Which is awesome!

Amber: You like that?

Rooney: Yeah, it’s great!

Amber: That’s awesome, I was going to ask you how you felt about that.

Rooney: No I think that’s really like.. What we try to do with the show and
our band and stuff is that we try to appeal to those people.

Amber: Yeah

Rooney: But I think it’s fun, I think our music is really like top 40,
mainstream feel.

Amber: Definitly

Rooney: Which allows parents to listen to it all the time.

Amber: Well that’s why I like it. I don’t watch many kids shows, but I’ll
sit and watch the Doodlebops even if the kids aren’t there so…

Rooney: Yeah, and what I love about it is that we really try to have a
different sound from other shows too, so..

Amber: Definitly

Rooney: So, you know that’s what we try and have with our CDs, which are
selling really well and our DVDs. So, It’s just been great feedback. It’s
great to know that we have fans from all different areas and ages and stuff.

Amber: Well that’s awesome.

Rooney: Mmm Hmm.

Amber: Um, okay..A couple more questions here. I have them all written down,
so if it sounds scripted it totally is.

Rooney: Nope, take your time

Amber: Well, you guys are number one with Kid’s CBC and Playhouse Disney.

Rooney: Yeah!

Amber: How did.. did you ever imagine you’d get so big, so popular?

Rooney: I didn’t, I think when we started season 2 I kind of got a feeling
of just having a great time and I was like
we could actually.. go somewhere.

Amber: Well that’s awesome

Rooney: You know when we saw the new costumes and the concert and.. I think
it was the first live thing ever which we did a, a signing, an autograph
signing at Vaughn Mills, I don’t know if you heard about that. We were
expecting like 200 people or something and then all of a sudden, you know,
2000 showed up and it was just crazy.

Amber: Well I know the Missisauga was…wow. Well, we were there, Stephanie
and I were there.

Rooney: (laughs) yeah. yeah the mall, and like the mall tours were
just like crazy. That’s when I sort of thought like, wow.. this thing can
get really huge.

Amber: Well it’s the most unique kid’s show on TV, I mean..

Rooney: Yeah..

Amber: And well, uh.. Deedee was talking about season three so, where do you
guys see yourselves in five years?

Rooney: I don’t know, hopefully like… I would love to make, I would love
to hit like mainstream radio would be a cool dream, just to like hear your
songs on the radio. I think we could it. I think, we would love to do like
some cover songs, I think that would be fun.

Amber: That would be cool. Hmmm..

Rooney: Um, you know. I would love it. I think it would be great. I think we
could. I’d like to see if you know, just…

Amber: That would be great.

Rooney: I just want to be like the first kid’s rock band to do like a crazy
concert that’s like comparable to like N’ Sync or like Britney Spears or

Amber: Well that would definitly, that would be awesome.

Rooney: Yeah, and that’s what I think keeps the parents involved and like
the teenagers, and that’s why I think that’s what makes our fan base so, you
know varied and stuff.

Amber: Well, you guys are huge. I man, you have so many fans, so many
teenagers, so many kids and so many parents like myself…

Rooney: Yeah

Amber: That’s, that’s good. That’s awesome.

Rooney: It’s fun.

Amber: Yeah. Well, I think that’s all my questions.

Rooney: Aw, okay, great.

Amber: I should have written more.

Rooney: Well, I have Moe here.

Amber: I have like, one for him.

Rooney: Yeah, no. I have him right here.

Amber: Awesome

Rooney: He’s waitin’

Amber: Well thank you

Rooney: He’s not a morning person, just so you know.

Amber: Okay..(laughs)

(Moe and Deedee laughing in the background)

Rooney: I’m just kidding.

Amber: Ah, no problem.

Rooney: Okay, here’s Moe.

Amber: Thanks

(Moe, laughing his way to the phone)

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Moe: (still laughing) Hi.

Amber: Hello

Moe: How are you?

Amber: Pretty good, how are you?

Moe: I’m doing good.

Amber: Good! You’re not a morning person?

Moe: Uh, not always. Today’s not that bad though.

Amber: Well, it’s ten o’clock.

Moe: Yeah (laughs)

Amber: Alright. I only have one question for you

Moe: Oh, okay.

Amber: Just because they answered all the questions, I’m sorry!

Moe: No, that’s okay!

Amber: Well actually, it’s a two part question. My first question is why?
Why do you pull the rope all the time?

Moe: Why do I pull the rope? Uh, cause it’s probably like the funnest thing
to do at the club house…

Amber: (laughing)

Moe: As far as I’m concerned.

Amber: it does look fun. If I was there, I would pull the rope too.

Moe: See that’s..

Amber: I don’t blame you. (laughs) Alright, umm. My second question. You are
the definition of rambuncious. You’re always running around and…you are
such a great breakdancer.

Moe: (laughs) Thanks…

Amber: You’re welcome! So where did you learn to dance like that? How long
did it take you?

Moe: Um, well I guess kind of like, I mean.. breaking just kind of like uh,
it’s kind of like something that I saw and then I kind of tried it. It’s
really just kind of my own um, originality kind of? Like uh, so like I’m
constantly coming up with new like moves and ideas and ways to kind like,
you know bend or like, slide. So it’s kind of like an ever evolving….Art
form? I guess you’d call it maybe.

Amber: yeah. So your pretty much, self taught then.

Moe: Yeah, pretty well. Um, you know I’ve had some help from different
people. But it’s kind of something that like, just the best way to learn it
is to kind of…find like two friends who want to like do it with you and
then just like practice with them like, all the time. So like I have two
buddies who I dance with all the time.

Amber: Oh, okay.

Moe: Yeah.

Amber: I would never even like, attempt to break dance. That would be really

Moe: (laughs)Well, it’s not THAT bad!

Amber: Well, my daughter tries to dance when she’s watching the show, and
when you get into the break dancing she, she tries. (laughs) She’s getting

Moe: It’s great to watch kids uh, break. I think thats one of the coolest
things about it is like all these kids who like love and watch our show are
all going to know about breaking when they grow up.

Amber: Well, I mean, it teaches the kids so much. It’s really a unique show
and you guys are great for doing it!

Moe: (laughs) thanks. You know it’s a very… unique show on television,
kind of what it goes towards, and the things that it discusses and talks
about, you know?

Amber: No, definitely. I can’t think of a show like now or.. ever that’s
like it. Well, like I was telling Rooney. I can sit and watch it when the
kids aren’t in the room.

Moe: (laughing)

Amber: And, I’m not really one to sit and watch kid’s shows but I’m the one
saying like ‘Morgan, it’s on…it’s new!’

Moe: (laughing) Well that’s great! (still laughing)No I think that’s um, a
lot of parents watch it I think and enjoy it as well as the kids. We’ve had
a couple parents kind of come to events that we do with kids to uh like get
pictures and autographs, and stuff and they always want to get in on the

Amber: You know, that’s my one regret is that I didn’t get a picture with
you guys.

Moe: Oh well, we’re coming back!

Amber: oh I know, we’re going to be there. In Ontario we’re going to Ottawa,
Missisauga and Toronto so..

Moe: Cool, I’m sure we can get a picture then.

Amber: Awesome, (laughs) Alright.

Moe: Alright.

Amber: Well, I know you have other interviews to do and you’ve got the
library thing to do..

Moe: Yes.

Amber: Which is awesome. That is so good, James told me about it yesterday
and you guys can play like huge shows all across Canada and you guys can
still go to like, little libraries. I think that’s…great.

Moe: yeah, I think that should be really interesting, um..you know.

Amber: Well, most people at like, the height of their career are not going
to do little…story time library shows, so that…great that your doing
that for them.

Moe: (laughs) Yeah, well thank you!

Amber: No problem.

Moe: Anyway, I’m SURE I will see you in Missisauga, or Ottawa or all of the

Amber: Well, my daughter will be the one flagging you down to hug you like
she did last time (laughs)

Moe: (laughs) I will look forward to that.

Amber: No problem!

Moe: Cheers, thank you so much!

Amber: Thank You!

Moe: Bye.

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