Moe Doodle – Phone Interview

Date: February 14th, 2006

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Moe: Stephanie

Stephanie: Hi!

Moe: (laughs) Hi, how are you?

Stephanie: I’m great! How are you?

Moe: good!

Stephanie: Okay. um, my first question is your a great b-boy, do you enjoy being able to show off all of your break dancing talents on the show as well as in concert?

Moe: (laughs) Well I guess first I loved that you uh..that you used b-boy. Hahaha. Thats awesome. Umm…Yeah I mean, you know, I love to break on the show and in concert, like thats one of my favorite things to do. Um…like I mean I break, I break everyday basically, (laughs) that’s my life. Whether or not I’m doing a show, or by myself, or with friends or…ya know?

Stephanie: Um…you’ve had a lot of creative hiding places on the show….out of all of them which one was your favorite?

Moe: Oooh…which one was my favorite…um, I’m not sure if you guys have seen this one, but I do hide in a clock.

Stephanie: A clock? No, I don’t think we have seen that yet.

Moe: No I don’t think you guys have that yet…but you will!

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm. Okay. Um..how are you feeling that your cross-Canada tour is starting in 5 weeks?

Moe: It’s, I mean, it’s really exciting you know? We did the promo tour in the fall which was kind of a first test of going on the road I guess, and seeing how many fans, like we, we had no idea that…that many people would ever show up to see us ya know?

Stephanie: Yeah, it was crazy!

Moe: Yeah!

Stephanie: What is your favorite part about touring?

Moe: About touring?

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm.

Moe: Um…I mean, I guess seeing like new places ya know? Like getting to like explore new cities, its unfortunate cause like when we are on the road sometimes we like a little rushed to get from place to place and there isn’t that much time, but I always try to make time to do like one thing that’s unique in each place as possible.

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm, okay, umm…you guys seem like you can be really silly and hyper at times. Which would you say is the jokester on set?

Moe: Umm…well I mean, I guess I am to some degree, but I think we all have our moments where like we just kind of go off you know?

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm. what is it like finding out that there are so many people who talk about and admire you?

Moe: Umm..that…that was pretty like uh, pretty surprising to be totally honest! (laughs)

Stephanie: (laughs) I’m sure.

Moe: Umm…I gotta admit, I try not to read that much of it…just uh kind of for my own (laughs) personal sanity I guess, maybe, ya know? Just to kinda uh, keep my feet on the ground, but I mean like it’s really flattering of course.

Stephanie: so about season 2, there seems to have been a lot of changes made. What is your favorite change or addition to the show?

Moe: Um…I really like Audio Murphy, I think he is a great addition to the show. and that whole like going to the recording studio and stuff. That whole sequence I think is great.

Stephanie: Oh I love that.

Moe: I also love the new bus dance.

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm, I’ve seen that.

Moe: Yeah, I think uh…it’s shot beautifully. and uh yeah I think that’s…I think the concerts look a lot better at the end as well.

Stephanie: Oh yeah they do, I love the shiny outfits. (laughs)

Moe: (laughs) yeah.

Stephanie: Well a lot of the songs are really great to get up and dance to. Umm..what is your favorite doodle song to dance along with?

Moe: oooh…umm…I guess to dance to, my favorite doodle song is and I dont, I dont know if you guys have heard this cause you don’t have season 2 yet. but uh..I believe its episode..uh…4? uh..I sing a song called “I Can Dance”

Stephanie: Oh! The cool cat one?

Moe: yes!

Stephanie: I remember that.

Moe: and I think thats probably my favorite song to dance to…it’s like James Brown, ya know, Stevie….

Stephanie: Okay. Yeah it’s great, I love that one. Okay, umm…let’s see…okay, Doodlebop Central is full of gizmos and gadgets…do you have an item in there that’s your favorite?

Moe: Umm…I dont know, I mean Rooney deals a lot with the kind of gizmos and gadgets. I mean…I guess probably my favorite one is the one he made for me, ya know, the Mighty Moe Machine?

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm

Moe: Which is, I guess, a beat machine.

Stephanie: Yeah, okay. umm…I have one more.

Moe: Alright.

Stephanie: Okay, is there anything you would like to say to all of your fans?

Moe: anything I would like to say to the fans…ya I mean, I guess I like, I hope you keep watching and like enjoying the show and enjoying what we do, and it uh, ya know, makes you want to sing and dance. and I hope you guys come out to our tour and see it cause I think it’s gonna be really great. and uh…yeah!

Stephanie: Okay, and that’s it.

Moe: Alright.

Stephanie: K, thanks so much for doing the interview with me.

Moe: yeah, of course!

Stephanie: and I’ll see you in April.

Moe: Definitely!

Stephanie: Okay.

Moe: What, what city are you coming to?

Stephanie: I’m coming to Toronto.

Moe: Okay.

Stephanie: and Ottawa.

Moe: Cool.

Stephanie: So yeah.

Moe: Great.

Stephanie: Okay, so thanks again and I guess I’ll see ya then!

Moe: (laughs) Alright, thank you!

Stephanie: Bye

Moe: Bye

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