Rooney Doodle – Phone Interview

Date: February 14th, 2006

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Rooney: Hey Stephanie

Stephanie: Hi!

(hits button on accident. uh-oh! Steph and Rooney laugh)

Stephanie: Okay, how are you?

Rooney: Pardon?

Stephanie: How are you?

Rooney: I’m good, thank you. How are you?

Stephanie: I’m great.

Rooney: Good.

Stephanie: So, your um…cross Canada tour is coming up…

Rooney: I know.

Stephanie: How do you feel about it?

Rooney: We’re so excited. its gonna be awesome. Um…we’re just starting rehearsals…and getting the songs together, and like deciding which ones to do…and trying to get the set lists figured out and stuff so its gonna be fun.

Stephanie: Okay. Um..what is your favorite part about touring?

Rooney: Um…I have a lot of fun touring with Deedee and Moe and they’re just crazy. When the three of us get together its like, ya know, we can have an awesome time…and its fun just being on the road with like ya know, some dancers, and like ya know, the gang and like the crew, and our make-up and hair and we all get a long so well and ya know, we’re gonna be on like a rock star tour bus with bunks and we can decorate it and ya know, we’re just looking forward to like, board games on the bus and late nights, and just having fun and…

Stephanie: Okay.

Rooney: Yeah!

Stephanie: Awesome. Okay, well I must say your songs are great to get up and dance to…

Rooney: Mmm-Hmm.

Stephanie: Umm..which is your favorite Doodle song to dance along with?

Rooney: Hmm..my favorite, to get up and dance to…let’s see…I think my favorite is “Tick Tock.” Um…the dance is probably my favorite to do. It’s one of the hardest. Um…not in terms like the actual dance is hard but just in terms of endurance. Every time we shot that scene, and the video we were like dying and just so tired…but it was great. It was so much fun to do and the crowds always go crazy for it and I think its like our biggest…I think it’s one of our best songs for season two.

Stephanie: Oh, I can’t wait to see that one.

Rooney: I know, yeah, the episode is fun. It is basically a song to our fans which makes it awesome too. Its all about having fans across the world which is hopefully what we will have some day.

Stephanie: Oh, I’m sure.

Rooney: Yeah.

Stephanie: So about season 2…

Rooney: Uh-huh.

Stephanie: A lot of changes have been made.

Rooney: Yeah.

Stephanie: What is your favorite change, or addition to the show?

Rooney: Um..Audio Murphy is one of my favorites for sure. Um..he is one of the funnest dogs to work with. So much fun, awesome…um and…the costumes I love. I think Deedee looks great. Um….I just think the changes are really, I think there fun for the show. I think its more exciting to watch. I think, ya know, we’ve even kind of got in the groove with our characters a bit and it’s just been really great to apply, who we are as people and use that in the show ya know, it gives I think, a better relationship between the audience, like the veiwer and who we are, ya know…you’re always trying to figure out who you are in season one. We knew who Deedee, Rooney and Moe were obviously, but we wanted to make sure…when your acting on TV and your playing yourself, its kind of hard.

Stephanie: Yeah, Okay. So I’ve noticed your really swift when it comes to dancing…

Rooney: Uh-huh.

Stephanie: What got you into it?

Rooney: Um..I started dancing when I was really young. Um…and I just like, ya know, when you watch, ya know, I’m like everyone esle…I watched music videos growing up and I just, i started dancing in front of my TV. Ya know, and ya know when you dance around the living room with like the TV remote?

Stephanie: (laughs) Yeah.

Rooney: That was me. (laughs)

Stephanie: (laughs)

Rooney: and I just watched, I had like older cousins and they’re just…everyone dancing…and I remember, I did, I started doing like community theatre, and just started dancing at like a competitive level…and then…I actually haven’t been able to do stuff that I love…like I’m a, ya know, competitive Tapper which I’d love to try to work into the show.

Stephanie: Oh really? That would be cool.

Rooney: Yeah, I think so too…so we’ll see what happens.

Stephanie: I love tap dancing.

Rooney: Yeah, I know, its awesome. It’s very hard but i love it.

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm.

Rooney: I taught it actually so..

Stephanie: Oh awesome!

Rooney: Mmm-Hmm.

Stephanie: Okay. What is it like finding out that there are so many people who talk about and admire you?

Rooney: It’s very flattering. It’s, it’s really funny cause we know each other so well…so it’s funny, like we always make jokes about who’s more popular and like…moe will like…and like even on your website, you know what I mean?

Stephanie: Uh-huh.

Rooney: all the sites will have like how cute Moe is or whatever…

Stephanie: Oh yeah.

Rooney: ya know, it’s just so funny…because we just laugh at it because we just know each other so well ya know? and its just funny to think that people like watch the show, let alone think we’re cute. It’s just such a good…it’s a cool feeling. Very grateful and very flattered.

Stephanie: Okay, umm..out of all of the episodes, which was your favorite to film?

Rooney: My favorite to film was probably…I remember having a lot of fun, do you remember the Count to Ten? What episode was it when we like fell in the clothes?

Stephanie: Um…(thinking)

Rooney: I forget. I remember doing stuff like that…we were like running…I think it was Count to Ten and in the middle of a song, in the clubhouse version.

Stephanie: Yeah! it is, it is.

Rooney: Yeah, we’re like, going through the clothes rack and like that was really fun. We’ve leart a lot fliming and stuff…We’ve have a great time on set…just laughing…

Stephanie: Yeah, I’m sure.

Rooney: like I loved…in terms of finished product, my favorite episode probably has been the Ukelele one.

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm.

Rooney: Which is called I think “Don’t need it, Don’t use it” or something like that…

Stephanie: Okay.

Rooney: Um..I think its really great, it’s funny and I, ya know, when you watch the show you remember like inside jokes and stuff while you shot..

Stephanie: Uh-huh.

Rooney: So it’s fun to watch like..ya know just, Oh I remember Deedee and I were behind the doors before we came up, ya know, saying “Hey everybody” and we like made that up on the spot….so it’s just like really fun to watch those moments.

Stephanie: Oh really?

Rooney: Yeah.

Stephanie: That’s awesome.

Rooney: Like you know how we come out with our little dances?

Stephanie: (laughs) Yeah.

Rooney: Those are always like so much fun, cause some days its like, ya know, 6:50 in the morning and we’re like trying to come up with like a jump and we end up having to like come out those doors and then go right back in to do another one cause we were laughing so hard. We have such a fun time, its so much fun on set.

Stephanie: Sounds great.

Rooney: Mmm-Hmm.

Stephanie: Okay, umm…let’s see…okay, this is actually the last one…

Rooney: Okay.

Stephanie: Is there anything you would like to say to all of the fans?

Rooney: Um…yeah, I just wanna say like, keep watching..um..ya know…and epsically the fans on the forum…I think its such a cool space and ya know, the topics are always amazing and to keep talking about it and I think its inspiring…I think it encourages thought….I think its…and its fun and you know what I mean…that there are so many things that they could be doing…its great to ya know, just be able to have a place to like discuss a show like ours…cause we have so much fun doing it.

Stephanie: I’m glad you enjoy it.

Rooney: Yeah, ya know, so to hear like, ya know fans and stuff when we go on and just check it out. ya know, I dont get to all the time cause…we’re busy and stuff…but its fun to like…its just inspiring and I hope everyone keeps watching and keeps looking for changes and ya know, keeps noticing things cause it makes us better and we’ll work harder for you and for the people who watch.

Stephanie: Okay.

Rooney: Yeah.

Stephanie: Well thanks for doing this interview with me!

Rooney: Oh thank you for calling.

Stephanie: Oh no problem and I’ll see you in April!

Rooney: Yes, great!

Stephanie: Okay.

Rooney: Okay, do u wanna talk? here’s Jim.

Stephanie: Okay.

Rooney: Okay, thanks Steph!

Stephanie: Bye

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