Deedee Doodle – Phone Interview

Date: February 14th, 2006

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Deedee: Hello?

Stephanie: Hi!

Deedee: Hi!

Stephanie: How are you?

Deedee: I’m doing very well, how are you?

Stephanie: I’m great!

Deedee: (giggles) Good, it’s nice to talk to you again!

Stephanie: Yeah, same here!

Deedee: Mmm-Hmm

Stephanie: Okay…um…ya know, you seem to have gone through the biggest make-over for season 2…

Deedee: Uh-huh

Stephanie: How do you like the new look?

Deedee: Oh…love it! I mean that hoop was getting in the way for some of our lifts and dance moves and ya know, I’d be showing my little pink panties sometimes and ya know, it was a nice change. Now it’s a little more confined and I’m just going with the times. It’s 2006.

Stephanie: It looks great!

Deedee: I see all these young kids with all these great highlights in their hair so I just thought…

Stephanie: Oh I love the highlights.

Deedee: …I gotta get some streaks!

(Stephanie and Deedee laugh)

Stephanie: Okay, um, what is it like being the oldest of two brothers?

Deedee: Um…ya know, it’s a little bit of responsibility, but they dont make it hard…I mean they dont really cancel me out…they don’t say like “Oh you do it, you’re the oldest” but sometimes when we have little arguments or little disagreements here and there, I can just step up and say “no you clean the bathroom…or you do this” so sometimes that works to my advantage.

Stephanie: Haha, that’s great. Okay so your cross-Canada tour is starting in 5 weeks. How do you feel about it?

Deedee: Oh can’t wait….I can’t wait. I mean we only have a little bit of like time to do our little practice before, and hit these places up just for a day. and now it’s our first time to some of these places across Canada that we’ve never seen and I just can’t wait to go back. We have some friends along the way and ya know, want to see a little bit more of the country. Now that we’re going by bus….we can definately see it a little more so then a plane.

Stephanie: Okay, so what would you say is your favorite thing about touring?

Deedee: My favorite part about touring is just seeing that, ya know, you’ve seen it too, like everytime we go somewhere it’s just this huge reaction of kids and ya know, you don’t think they even know who you are…and all of a sudden like ya know, we’re in Winnipeg, Manitoba and it’s just ridiculous like the amount of people that know us and ya know..

Stephanie: It’s crazy!

Deedee: Now we get to see, ya know, we get to meet them too and its really nice!

Stephanie: Okay, so now let’s jump into season 2…

Deedee: Sure.

Stephanie: Um…it seems a lot of changes have been made…what is your favorite change or addition to the show?

Deedee: Um…what’s my favorite change?

Stephanie: Mmm-Hmm.

Deedee: I’d say…the songs are a lot hipper this year, it’s not so much, ya know…like we have “Count To Ten” and the “Dinosaur song” and stuff like that but…ya know, like I said with the highlights thing, we’re going with the times and it’s a little more of a Pop feel, and ya know…ya know I love to sing Pop

Stephanie: Oh yeah

Deedee: and would love to kill some now….dressed liked this….but it’s really good. So that’s a good change. The dances are a little more cooler, and ya know, we know there are a lot of youngsters so we kind of keep it easy for them and we just…you learn through just trial and error. What works and what doesn’t…there’s a lot more animation too.

Stephanie: Um…let’s see. What is it like finding out that there are so many people who talk about and admire you?

Deedee: Oh…ya know, you think it’s everyone’s dream right? It’s really becoming that rock star whole image cause like I said, you go to these random places you’ve never been and they are screaming and chanting your name and it makes you feel good. It makes you feel that like anything you say, will just stink in just a little bit deeper. It just makes you feel that way you say is important and I like that!

Stephanie: Okay, um…Doodlebop Central is full of gizmos and gadgets…do you have an item that’s your favorite?

Deedee: Um…you mean of like what’s coming out in the market?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Deedee: Oh, I really like the lunchbox. (Steph and Deedee laugh) it’s very cool. Actually there’s a napsack that is a little dedication to me. There’s a big keyboard on the bottom of it and a couple music notes everywhere so that’s a very cool thing too. I use it just to bring kind of my costumes and things like that.

Stephanie: Okay.

Deedee: Yeah.

Stephanie: And one more…is there anything you would like to say to all of your fans?

Deedee: (giggles) I just wanna say that I just cant wait to see them again, and for them to sing along with me and to hear, just to hear them have fun. Ya know, I mean, that’s my biggest motto so…

Stephanie: Okay.

Deedee: When I do that it makes me think that i’ve done my job.

Stephanie: Okay and that’s all I have.

Deedee: well thanks so much Stephanie.

Stephanie: Oh thanks for doing the interview with me!

Deedee: Uh-huh

(Stephanie and Deedee talked at the same time – Stephanie: and i’ll see you in April; Deedee: I’m sure this wont be the last time.)

Stephanie: Okay.

Deedee: Sorry, did I cut you off?

Stephanie: Oh, no, I’m here.

Deedee: Okay, great. Well here’s my producer…

Stephanie: Okay.

Deedee: I mean my publicist

(Stephanie and Deedee laugh)

Deedee: Okay, I’ll see ya soon! bye!

Stephanie: Okay, bye!

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