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Website Name: Together Forever
Website Subject: Fansite

Website Url: Together Forever
Reviewed By: Camy
Total Score: 105%

Loading (10/10)
Fast for Mozilla FireFox but it’s on the slow-fast side for Internet Explorer.

First Impression (20/20)
…..do I really need to say it? Colorful. Wild. Organized. I’m beginning to think this a joke for me to review. It has everything.

Content (30/30)
A lot. So much, that I’m too lazy to go through it all right now.

Coding (10/10)
Come on now. It’s better than mine.

Spelling/Grammar (20/20)
None at all.

Overall Impression (10/10)
What can I say? The ultimate fansite for the show. I love how the layout is done and so much information and stuff everyone can do. Even have a store and forum!

Bonus: (5/5)
It made me go Wow, and Holy cow the whole time. I’ve already said everything else.


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