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Website: Together Forever
Owner: Stephanie*
Date: 19/12/06
Reviewed By: Courtney

First Impression:

My first impression of your page is “wow”. Theres lots of color and I love it! Your site loaded incredibly fast and I just love the organization! I did a web analysis on your page’s coding and everything came out great. Even though I know nothing about the doodlebops, i’m still interested in seeing what you done to your site.


Your layout is just great, it’s so colorful and well put together. I looked at your coding and you did a great job of not having to “much”. Your navigation is right there in front of you once you stop looking at the layout, and in my opinion thats the best place to put it. I would say that the layout is very original, it’s not something I have seen on every other site. I love the fact that you kept the css simple, some people have so many things in it that just isn’t necessary. As far as the color scheme goes, you have so many different colors it was hard to focus on just one but nothing clashes together either. Your text and font is perfect for your site in my opinion. Its not to big or to small and tahoma is a great font on most sites. I’m quite fond of the rainbow link over effect.


Alright, I started to pick through your site one page at a time since I had no clue what the doodlebops were. In your about them section I think you did a great job, You covered enough for me to understand what they are and why they do it. I don’t find any spelling mistakes, bad grammar or anything. I like the avatars that you offer, they are pretty much what I would expect them to look like based on how your layout turned out. Yeah there is definatly plenty to do here! You did a great job with the content.


I actually am having a hard time figuring out what needs work on your site. I really can’t find anything. Maybe somemore games added would be nice. My personal thoughts on this site is you have done an amazing job on it. Keep up the good work and I wish I could have advised you on something but I couldn’t find anything!

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