Doodlebops Rockin’ Road Show – Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 22:
Rooney’s Robot; Hiccupitus
Rooney learns to not give up on a new invention; Matilda tries to help Rooney get over the hiccups.

Season 1 Episode 21:
Camp Doodlenet; Mail Snail Central
The Doodles go camping and try to show Moe and Jack the importance of playing outdoor games; Vicky and the Doodles learn about other people’s jobs.

Season 1 Episode 20:
Sing a Tune Town; The Doodle-verse
The Doodles take Stephanie to a place where everyone communicates by singing; Rick tries to learn how to write a song for the Doodles.

Season 1 Episode 19:
Atlantis Ahoy!; Switcheroo
Claire joins the Doodles on a trip to Atlantis and learns how to meet new people; the Doodles learn to appreciate their individual talents.

Season 1 Episode 18:
Super Doodles; One Up
Riley wants super powers; Rooney and Billy compete to see who can come up with the better invention.

Season 1 Episode 17:
When I Grow Up; Follow the Leader
The Doodles take Owen on a tour of Doodlenet so he can see what kinds of professions there are; Sarah must look after the Doodles while Bob is away.

Season 1 Episode 16:
Moe’s Missing Mojo; Dancing With the Bops
Moe forgets to how to keep time while drumming; the Doodles take Todd to Doodlenet for a dance party.

Season 1 Episode 15:
The History Mystery Tour; Doggie Disappear-O
Henry and the Doodles travel to prehistoric times to see what musical instruments Cave Doodles played; Amanda fears failing a challenging magic trick in the Doodles’ show.

Season 1 Episode 14:
Don’t Forget to Ask; Bop Bop’s New Tricks
Alex and the Doodlebops get in trouble when they forget to ask permission to shoot their new music video in Rock Town; Jenny helps the Doodles teach Bop Bop some new tricks.

Season 1 Episode 13:
The Wash Up; Biggest Drums Ever
Vera must get over her dislike of getting dirty; Moe and Ken create a drum monster.

Season 1 Episode 12:
The Go-Go-Go-Kart; Only Half-Way
The Doodles try to help Hanna win a trophy in a go-kart race; the Doodlebops are trapped inside a partially built clay castle Jon made for them.

Season 1 Episode 11:
Sharesies; Mind Your Manners
The Doodles try to teach Malcolm and the people of Mineville about sharing; Tahlia learns about the importance of manners.

Season 1 Episode 10:
Harris Gets Embarrassed; Memory Lane
The Doodles try to help Harris deal with embarrassment; Sandy competes in a game show about memory.

Season 1 Episode 9:
Icky Ewwy; Show and Tell
The Doodles try to help a fan who doesn’t want to try anything new; Julian goes on a treasure hunt with the Doodles.

Season 1 Episode 8:
No Newbies; Stamp Champ
Alicia is jealous when the new baby gets a lot of attention; Archie and the Doodles help South Stampton out of a sticky situation.

Season 1 Episode 7:
Pancake Flip Flop; Stand Up Funny
Rooney’s newest pancake-making invention flops; the Doodles try to help a budding comic conquer his fear.

Season 1 Episode 6:
Doodleball; Knighty Mighty
The Doodles recruit a talented soccer player to help them at the Doodleball tournament; the Doodles take Lily to a magical kingdom where she can pretend she’s a knight.

Season 1 Episode 5:
Deedee’s Doodle; Bus Driver Bob
When Zack’s drawing comes to life, it wreaks havoc in town until he uses his imagination to stop it; the Doodles must learn to share the spotlight when Alanna becomes fascinated with their bus driver.

Season 1 Episode 4:
Where’s Moe?; Bus Stop
The Doodles must bring in a junior detective to uncover Moe’s hiding spot; the Doodles realize they have been neglecting and overworking the Bus.

Season 1 Episode 3:
Race Day; Night Light
Deedee recruits Sophie to be her partner in a three-legged race; the Doodlebops take Noah on a nighttime tour of the Doodlenet to help him overcome his fear of the dark.

Season 1 Episode 2:
Trumpet That Roared; A Mouthful of Teeth
The Doodles try to help Alice overcome her fear of playing the trumpet; the Doodles take Adam inside a giant’s mouth.

Season 1 Episode 1:
Splish Splash Fun; Messy-Potamia
The Doodles help Lucy get over her fear of water; the messiest place in the whole Doodlenet.


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