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Get this video and more at MySpace.com

contest & different things*
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Did someone say contest? Yes! Together Forever will be holding a contest sometime next week. It’s your chance to win some pretty awesome doodle stuff!! More details and rules will be added soon. Keep an eye on the site. :rooneywink:

The In The Press section has tons of articles and interviews that I’ve added over the last couple of weeks. :moecool:

More pictures from various Doodlebops apperances are now in the gallery.
Check them out! :guitar:

“Get on the Bus” Spring 2006 Live Canadian Tour:
4/1/06 – Vancouver, BC
3/30/06 – Vernon, BC
3/26/06 – Calgary, AB
3/23/06 – Saskatoon, SK

Canadian Promotional Mall Tour – Fall 2005
11/10/05 – Mississauga, ON
11/4/05 – Winnipeg, MB
11/2/05 – Edmonton, AB
10/30/05 – Victoria, BC

Meet & Greets/Interviews:

2/14/06 – Central Library, London, ON
11/2/05 – Radio Interview

Do you have any doodles you would like to show off to the world? Well, then you found just the place! E-mail me with all your wonderful creations and please include your name. Then I will add your work to the Art gallery a.s.a.p! :ddnod:

Fan Stuff:

Together Forever’s newest addition is a rocking music player! Check it out here! Please note that these songs can not be downloaded to your computer. Stealing music is a big no no! I suggest buying the “Get On The Bus” CD, which is available at
Together Forever’s Store. Come on and support The Doodlebops! :keytar:

Last but not least, a recent picture of Jon has been added to his off-set section.

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test :moecool:

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test :rooneycool:

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Pictures from the first two stops on the Doodlebops “Get on the Bus” 2006 spring live tour are up!

3/19/06 – Winnipeg, MB
3/18/06 – Thunder Bay, ON – Thanks dontpulltherope.com!


Store added
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I’ve been working on the Merchandise section. Now it’s a little better, instead of a page, it takes you to a mini site I put together. Check it out and make sure to get all your orders in if you haven’t already!!



Gallery updates:
Photoshoot 2 – 1 pic added
Merchandise – Volumes 3 & 4 DVD pics added.
10/29/05 – Vancouver, BC Thanks Mike! (neosinific on forum)

yes, an update!
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For those who have been dying to hear Amber’s interview with the doodles, you’re in luck! It has now been uploaded, click here to read and listen to it.

Since season 2 is through airing in Canada and finally premiered in the U.S. today, I came to the conclusion that it should be okay for me to post the rest of the pictures from the concert tapings I attended back in July. Check those out here!

Expect more updates soon! :moenod:

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For those who didn’t already know, I had the chance to do a phone interview with each Doodle on February 14th. I must say, it was a great valentine’s gift! I finally had time to type the transcripts and uploading the sound files. Amber (Foxy_Mommy on the forum) also had the chance to do a phone interview with the doodlebops and you can find it here, exclusive at Together Forever! I hope everyone enjoys reading and listening to them! :rooneysmile:

–> Interviews

pictures, pictures, pictures!
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11/1/05 – Calgary, AB – 9 pics added.
11/2/05 – Edmonton, AB – 4 pics added
11/12/05 – Mississauga, ON (Signing)
On The Set – Season 2

& some recent pictures of Lisa have been added to her off-set section!

Enjoy! :ddsmile:

Meet the Doodlebops TOMORROW!
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Canadian tot-rocking sensations, The Doodlebops, will be in London, Ontario, tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14th for a special meet n greet with their fans following the Central Library’s weekly Pre-school Storytime at 11:30 AM at 251Dundas St. Yes, this is pretty last minute, but anyone that can make it…go! It will probably be a small crowd and a great chance to meet the Doodles. If someone could take some pics and send them into the fansite, that would be great!

A picture of Chad has been added to his off-set page, and a press release with tons of information has been added to the articles section. Check them out!

keep checking back to Together Forever. I will be adding some more interesting things in the next few days. :moenod: