B-day shouttie, new DVD and videos!
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First off, yesterday was Chad McNamara’s 26th birthday….so from everyone at Together Forever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROONEY D! :rooneycool:

The “Doodlebops Live in Concert” DVD comes out this week and it features 25 of your favorite concert performaces from their hit Playhouse Disney show!

Also, as a speical bonus, when you purchase the DVD you get your very own Doodlebops kazoo so you can do the pledge along with the Doodles!

Pia (wachaaa on the forum) has finally uploaded all of her videos from the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and she got some great footage! Here’s a couple of her videos:

Hold Your Horses:

Together Forever:

Click here to view all of her videos from this event!

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My friend Pia (wachaaa on the forum) attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, both days, and got 80+ great shots of the Doodles! Click on the thumbnails below to visit the album:

Also, I attended the last 3 shows on the Doodlebops LIVE tour…so expect my pictures and videos from the shows up very soon!

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
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The Doodlebops will be a part of the 2008 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books today and tomorrow! Head over to the Target Children’s Stage at 1:30PM to catch them. You will not need tickets for the outdoor activities on the following stages: Reading by 9 Storytelling Stage, the Target Children

Summer dates already being annouced!
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The Doodlebops will be performing at the Wisconsin State Fair on August 3rd. Tickets are $10 to $30 and can be purchased online at www.wistatefair.com or in person at Wisconsin State Fair Park.

:keytar: :guitar: :drums:

New DVD, books & article
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A new Doodlebops DVD will be released on May 6th, 2008 called Doodlebops: Live in Concert which you can pre-order now! Remember, everything you order through DRM goes toward keeping the site open :)

There is also a whole bunch of books now avaiable!

TF member, Jenni, found this recent article where Chad talks more about how the audition process worked and how they have never missed a show:

“An ailing Greg Page recently retired after a 15-year stint with the Wiggles, the wildly popular tot-rockers from Down Under. The show has gone on, with a new man in yellow. But McNamara — who has learned to play guitar like alter ego Rooney — expects the Doodlebops won’t bop ’til they drop. He’d like to see the show live on in reruns then evolve into a cartoon.

Touring is hard on the trio, he noted, “and we’ve never, ever had understudies,” he said.

“And none of us has ever missed a show. We’ve done it through food poisoning, laryngitis, a broken ankle — we cover for each other.

“We can read each other like a book. We know when to step in.”

Overall, though, he has no complaints with kiddie iconhood. He does wish his signature color was green, though green hair, skin and a wig “might not look too good,” he agreed.

What amazes him is how little ones seem to recognize him when he’s out of costume. “When I’m in an elevator, I find them staring at me,” he said.

“I can just catch (a baby’s eye) and can tell they think they know who I am. It must be my voice.”

Read the full article here

Juno nomination & Lisa interview
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The Doodlebops have been nominated “Children’s Album of the Year” for the 2008 Juno Awards. They’re up against: Daniel Cook and Friends, Eddie Douglas, Jen Gould and Windsor Symphony Orchestra. The award show will broadcast, Sunday, April 6th on CTV. Good luck guys!

My friend, Eric Winkler, got the chance to interview Lisa for the Kansas City Star! The interview is really great, so make sure you check it out. Here is a snippet:

“We talked to Lisa Lennox, 26, who plays lead singer Deedee with her Doodlebop siblings, Rooney and Moe. She was in Miami, where she was vacationing with “best buddy” Chad McNamara (he’s Rooney Doodle).

Q. It

It’s 2008! Videossss*
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The first update of 2008…wow, 2007 flew by, didn’t it guys? and what a year it was! I may make a v-log to start off the new year – we’ll see. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and rocked out on new years! I got to spend mine in NYC which was awesome.

Anyways, here is a little something for now – videos! Yes, I finally had some time to work on the video footage I took from the Doodlebops performances for Playhouse Disney Live In-Concert back in September. I went through all of them and picked the best performances. Enjoy and expect more updates very very soon!

Stars and Motor Cars Parade:

Entrance & Pledge:

Bird is the Word:

When the Lights Go Out:

I Can Dance:

Together Forever:

Rockin’ the World:

Let’s Get Loud:

Jump Up:

Get on the Bus & Finale:

9 WSYR News, New Single and more!
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There is a new single from the Bops called “Everybody Singing” now available on iTunes – just in time for the holidays! This was the song they performed in the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade last year.

The Doodlebops were on 9 WSYR News in Syracuse, NY on November 15th, 2007. They did a cute little interview and performed their combo of “Jump up” and “Tick Tock.” Click here to watch!


Doodlebops in Toronto & Jon Wexler appearance*
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On December 16th, 2007 catch Doodlebops LIVE at the Bay Queen Street: Arcadian Court. Show starts at 11:30AM. Doors open 10:00AM.
:keytar: :guitar: :drums:

Jonathan Wexler will be participating in an event called Larksong Recitals. Larksong recitals is a new concert series initiated in London, Ontario by Joshua Grunmann and his friends and family. The inaugural concert took place in November 2006. The Larksong Recital Series has a primary focus of presenting classical singers in an intimate setting at the Wolf Performance Hall in London, Ontario.

When: Thursday, December 27th, 2007
Where: Wolf Performance Hall
Performance times: 2:00PM and 3:40PM
Concerts for Children including songs about animals, “Alligator Pie” by Dennis Lee, set to music by Kathia Pine and “Babar the Elephant” by Francis Poulenc.
Special guest artist: Jonny Wexler, narrator

This is a General admission event. Tickets are $25.00, $20.00 for students and seniors, $12.00 for children. You can purchase them through the Orchestra London Box Office (tel. 519-679-8778) and at the door. Mastercard and Visa accepted over the phone.

If you go to either of these events, please take pictures for the site and e-mail them to me at stephanie@deedeerooneymoe.net. You will recieve credit.

Attention Doodlebops Fans! Please Help Us Pick the Songs for our Next DVD!
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I just recieved this in my e-mail, you guys know what to do! :ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile: