I’m still here!
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I think it’s about time for an update, don’t you? :rooneynod:

So I got to see the Doodlebops a couple weeks ago in Richmond, Virginia. It was my first show on their new US Tour. Not much has changed, but two new songs were added – “Different Things” and “Tap, Tap, Tap.” You can view my pictures from the show here.

Log on to www.etoys.com between now and Dec. 3rd and receive 20% off all Doodlebops toys!

The Doodlebops “Happy Doodle Holidays” DVD was released on November 6th and I hope everyone got their copy for the holidays! It a perfect gift for your little doodlebopper. If not, then make sure you head out to your local store and pick up yours today. You can also buy it online, through Together Forever & Amazon, below:

Happy Halloween!
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Meet the Doodles in Arkansas today & V-Log #1!
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The Doodlebops will be signing autographs today at a Wal-mart in Little Rock, Arkansas. The signing will take place at 4PM. The address is 700 S. Bowman Rd. If you can make it out, go and meet the doodles!

:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile:

V-Log #1:

EXCLUSIVE Group Photos!
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I received exclusive photos of Chad, Lisa, & Jon from the 22nd Annual Gemini Awards held on October 16th, 2007. Unfortunately, the Doodles didn

Doodlebops starting to travel the U.S again!
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The Doodlebops performed on the Today Show on October 4th. In case you missed it, drm.net has screen caps available as well as the performance on video!

[View Today Show screen captures here]

Danielle Monaro, from Z100 in NYC, did a really great interview with the Doodlebops. She chats with the Doodles about their current tour and so much more. You can watch the video of it here!

– 8/8/07: The Saskatoon Ex
These pictures are from the Saskatoon Expo’s official site. Enjoy!

[View pictures]

So far, the tour has been great! Fans from the forum have donated their pictures.

– 9/29/07: Lakeland, Florida

Torri (LuvMyBops) went to the first show on the doodles new tour
and had a great time!

[View pictures]

– 10/14/07: Wheeling, West Virginia

Kristen (Kls89) managed to go to this show and finally had the chance to meet Lisa, Chad and Jon!

[View pictures]

Today Show and Orlando pictures*
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:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile: *update* Ok everybody, apparently the date has been changed. Watch the Today Show on Thursday, October 4th, between 8:30 and 9:30AM, to see the Doodlebops. Make sure to set your recorders!

9/6 – 9/9/07: Playhouse Disney in Concert
My pictures from the Doodlebops performances at MGM Studios and as the Grand Marshals in the “Stars and Motor Cars Parade” are now up in the gallery – enjoy!

[View concert pictures] | [View parade pictures]

Tour, Pictures and Gemini Awards – oh my!
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:keytar: :drums: :guitar: Are you ready to rock and bop with the Doodlebops once again? Yes, Doodlebops LIVE is back! The Doodles will be traveling to over 75 different cities from Fall 2007 – Spring 2008. All shows are listed here so check out the concert dates to see if the Doodles will be playing in a city near you!

— 8/25/07: Target Children

Meet the Doodlebops!
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Catch the Doodlebops at Zellers in Erin Mills Town Centre – located in Mississauga, ON, Canada. They will be signing autographs at 5:00PM. Don’t miss your chance to meet the Doodles!

:ddcool: :rooneycool: :moecool:

New CD, DVD & Pictures!
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[Click here to see trailer]

Screen Captures:

Canadian Performances:

<-- 8/8/07: The Saskatoon Ex

[View pictures]

8/4 & 8/5/07: Regina’s Buffalo Days –>

[View pictures]

<-- July 26 - 28, 2007: Edmonton's Capitol Ex

[View pictures]

7/11/07: KidSummer (Toronto, ON) –>

[View pictures]

<-- July 8 - 9, 2007: Calgary Stampede

[View pictures]

2 year anniversary
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I would like to take this time to properly thank everyone. Today is TF’s 2 year anniversary. Boy, how time flys! Since the grand opening, drm.net has got over 250,000 hits and the gallery itself has over 10,000 pictures! Just knowing how much the site has grown is amazing, it’s such an incredible feeling.

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