Picture Update
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5/6/07: Sickkids Foundation – A Family Affair – Toronto, ON, Canada

Here are a couple pictures of the Doodlebops performing and meeting fans at the “A Family Affair” event, a fundraiser in support of pediatric medical research for SickKids Foundation, presented by SavvyMom. The event raised $300,000 for SickKids Foundation. A huge thanks to Sarah from SavvyMom.ca for these pictures.
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4/27/07: Gill Deacon Show Captures

I took almost 200 screen captures of the Doodlebops apperance on the Gill Deacon Show which aired on CBC. I would like to thank Together Forever Visitor Samatha (girlslove D) for recording this segment and sending it to me.

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6/16/07: Red River Exhibition Park Show – Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Shayla took these great pictures from the show.

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5/12/07: Blue Jay’s Kids Day – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

– Performance
Thanks Margaret!
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– Meet & Greet
Thanks Margaret!
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– Out on the Field
Thanks Stephen!
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4/29/07: CBC & TO Kids Show – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5 pictures from this event have been sent in by Amanda, thanks!

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3/15/07: Evansville, Indiana
Together Forever Visitor Joy sent in her pictures from the concert and a picture of some future bops!
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Pictures, pictures and more pictures!
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The Doodlebops recently wrapped up their 80 city US tour. The turnout was amazing and I have uploaded tons of pictures. DRM.net has pictures from every single city they played in on their first ever US tour! Fans alone have sent in over 2,662 pictures and I have took over 1,124 pictures…which equals a whopping 3,778 pictures total!

To view all the pictures, including newly added images, please click on the links below:

>> Doodlebops LIVE US Tour <<

My pictures:

<-- 4/22/07: College Park, Maryland
The final shows
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4/21/07: Fairfax, Virginia –>
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<-- 4/20/07: Norfolk, Virginia
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4/15/07: Manchester, New Hampshire –>
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<-- 4/13/07: Kingston, Rhode Island
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4/12/07: Warwick, Rhode Island –>
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Toronto Appearances:

<-- 4/27/07: The Gill Deacon Show
Melanie B was able to attend the taping with her daughter and her daughter’s cousin. They had a blast!
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4/27/07: Chapters store at Bayview Village –>
Jennifer B sent in these pictures from the Doodles apperance at Chapters.
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<-- 4/29/07: CBC & TO Kids Show
Lucy was able to attend this 30 minute song set with her son and husband. Some of the songs that were performed were: The Bird Song, Get On The bus, The Pledge, We’re the Doodlebops, Let’s Get Loud, When The Lights Go Out, Rockin’ the World and Tick Tock.
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Minnesota Apperances:

<-- 4/5/07: Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota)
Together Forever visitor Victoria (Moe_fan82280) was able to catch the Doodles at Mall of America. They performed: We’re the Doodlebops, The Pledge, Tick Tock, Wobbly Whoopsy, and Get On The Bus.
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4/5/07: Wal-Mart (Maple Grove, Minnesota) –>
Together Forever visitor Victoria (Moe_fan82280) was also able to meet the Doodles after the Mall of America show at this signing which took place at Wal-Mart.
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Doodles on Gill Deacon Show
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The segment with the Doodlebops on the Gill Deacon show will air Monday, May 21st, on CBC. I would like to thank Melaine Burns, who actually attended the taping, for this information. You can view her pictures here: 4/27/07: The Gill Deacon Show

Expect a lot more updates soon!

Join the Doodlebops at the Gill Deacon show!
Posted on 04/25/07 by Stephanie 10:43 PM 4 Comments

The Doodlebops will be appearing live on the Gill Deacon studio on Friday, April 27th, 2007 located at 25 John Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The taping is from 10 -11:30 AM. We ask that you arrive between 9:30-9:45 AM to
check in.

If you are interested in tickets please email gilltix@cbc.ca by Thursday, April 26th at 4pm.

Your email must include:
-Number of adult tickets
-Number of Kids tickets (children of all ages are welcome)
-Daytime number with voicemail to confirm your tickets

Meet the Doodles in Rhode Island!
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Thursday, April 12th, 2007 – The Doodlebops will be at the Showcase Cinemas Warwick located at 1200 Quaker Lane, Warwick RI at 3:30PM for a special Meet & Greet with the band sponsored by National Amusements Popcorn Club. You can receive tickets for ths exclusive event by signing up for the Popcorn club at www.nationalamuements.com or by visiting Showcase Cinemas Warwick.

:ddcool: :rooneycool: :moecool:

Happy Easter!
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I am holding a special “Together Forever” Doodlebops Easter Egg Hunt today. These are the 4 eggs you will have to find:

(Keep in mind these eggs do not count. They are just here to show what you will be looking for).

The hunt will start tonight at 9PM EST.

The eggs will be hidden around the site…and could be anywhere.
Example: Main site, forum, gallery, etc.

Once you find an egg, send an e-mail stating which egg you found and where to contests@deedeerooneymoe.net

Only 1 egg, per person. If you find more then one egg, please do not share its location. There will be 4 winners total.

Prizes will be annouced to winners.

Good luck everyone!

Doodlebops events in Minnesota
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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 – The Doodlebops will be signing autographs at the Wal-Mart on 9451 Dunkirk Ln N in Maple Grove, Minnesota. It will begin at 4PM, but make sure you get there early because I’m sure it will be limited.

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 – Get ready to rock along with Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle for a special performance at Mall of America. This candy-colored trio is sure to have kids and parents alike rockin’ and boppin’ together!

Stop by Sears Court to make your very own pledge flag from 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Then get on the bus and be ready to sing and dance with the Doodlebops in the Rotunda at 1:30 p.m.

Event Guidelines:

– There will be a limited amount of floor seating and chair seating in the Rotunda. Seating will be opened at 12 p.m. and given on a first come, first served basis.

– When seating is filled, only standing room will be available.

– Strollers will not be allowed in the seating area.

If you attend and would like to donate your pictures to the galley, please e-mail me here.

Huge gallery update & season 3 news*
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Season 3:

U.S – Season 3 is scheduled to debut on Playhouse Disney on Monday, April 9th.
Here is the list of the episodes set to air in that coming week:

April 9: The Name Game
April 10: Think Pink
April 11: Chicken and the Eggs
April 12: Robo-Moe
April 13: The Frazzels

:ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

Artwork & Goodies:

Traci shows off her artist skills and drew these pictures for Lisa, Chad & Jon.
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This is a 2006 Limited Production Cookie Jar of the Doodlebops. Only 1,024 of these were made and gave to upper magenment and select persons.
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<-- 3/15/07: Evansville, Indiana
I attended these shows with my friend Hannah and we had a great time! [View pictures]

3/15/07: Evansville, Indiana –>
&& here are Hannah’s pictures from the shows.
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<-- 2/22/07: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Laura shares awesome pictures of Zachary & friend Colby with the bops and older brother David who is the head carpenter on the stage crew.
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2/25/07: Broomfield, Colorado –>
Anginet took some amazing pictures at this show and she shares them with TF!
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<-- 3/4/07: San Diego, California
Together Forever member Laura (DoodlesUsed2ScareMe) saw the Doodles with her son and husband…they all had a rocking time!
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3/11/07: Topeka, Kansas –>
Traci sends in her pictures from their doodlebopin weekend. This time they got pictures with Amanda, Jackie, Micheal, Anthony & James.
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<-- 3/1/07: Anaheim, California
Fermin & his friend had a rocking time at the show & met the cast afterwards.
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3/1/07: Anaheim, California –>
Together Forever member Lisa (kittenvelour) caught the Doodles in Cali and she donates her pictures to DRM.net.
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<-- 2/19/07: Salt Lake City, Utah
Heidi won backstage passes & was able to meet the Doodlebops.
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1/26/07: Tucson, Arizona –>
Kevin donates his pictures.
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<-- 11/3/06: Wal-Mart (Auburn, ME)
These pictures are from a signing that took place at a Wal-Mart in Auburn, Maine.
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2/17/07: Kennewick, Washington –>
A big thanks to Brandy for sending in these pictures.
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<-- 1/27/07: Phoenix, Arizona
Brandt D got the cast to sign some drumheads. He asked for these pictures to only be posted on TF.
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3/5/07: Las Vegas, Nevada –>
Dawn donates her pictures to the site, she had a great time at the show.
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<-- 3/5/07: Las Vegas, Nevada
Caroline ran into Lisa, Chad & Jon at a hotel in Vegas and they posed with her daughter for pictures.
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3/1/07: Anaheim, California –>
Together Forever member Ashley (Twista) caught a couple shows with her sisters & friend who all had a rocking time. They caught up with the cast after the show.
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<--2/3/07: San Jose, California
Thanks Nikki.
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2/4/07: Sacramento, California –>
Mom & Dad took Sammy to a show and she loved it. Here is some of her doodlebopin day.
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<-- 2/2/07: Oakland, California
Suzy attended the show with a few of her friends and they had a blast.
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Upcoming Doodlebops Appearances – in Canada
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Below are upcoming appearances the Doodlebops will be making in Canada. A big thanks to Together Forever visitor Jennifer B for sending me this information…she will also be sending in pictures from the Chapters signing that took place in Toronto, so expect those soon!

April 29, 2007: CBC & TO Kids Show – Toronto Congress Center @ 11:00am.

– 2 day event, but Doodlebops will be present on Day 2 only to perform a mini-show.
kids free, adults $15 each.

More info here: http://www.tokidsshow.com.

May 6, 2007: Sickkids Foundation – A Family Affair, Metro Convention Centre @ 11:45am.

– Tickets run $200/adult, $100/child

More info here: http://www.afamilyaffair.ca

May 12, 2007: Blue Jay’s Performance for Kids Day @ 1:45pm.

– The Doodlebops will perform pre-game outside the Rogers Centre. They will also throw out the first pitch and lead the seventh-inning stretch.

Doodlebops apperance*
Posted on 03/03/07 by Stephanie 9:47 AM 1 Comment

The Doodlebops will appear for a LIVE performance followed by a SIGNING exclusively at Chapters store at Bayview Village On March 13th, 2007 at 11:00AM!

The Chapters store is located at 2901 Bayview Avenve in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Signing will be limited to the first 100 people
Memorabilia is not allowed
Proof of purchase required from any Indigo, Chapters or Coles location

The first 100 people to line up on Tuesday, March 13th at 9:00 am (MALL entrance, Chapters Bayview Village) will receive an ALL ACCESS wristband. Wristbands will guarantee you access to the events area and the chance to meet the Doodlebops. Remaining customers will receive EVENT wristbands which will gain you access to the events area (space permitting) and standing room area.

Please arrive early. Once the events area is completely filled, the second level of the store will be closed off.

Also, all Chapters locations will hold a Doodebop Pledge Flag party on March 13th at 2:00 pm.

Pictures from this event may be sent here: pictures@deedeerooneymoe.net

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