Theater Pictures*
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Planning to see the Doodlebops on their LIVE US tour? Well, it turns out director/producer of the Doodlebops, Jamie Waese, is on the look out for shots of the theaters where the Doodlebops are playing. It is not promised, but there is a possibilty that these photographs will be included in the Doodlebops TV show for their next season.

Good quality theater pictures of the exterior, shots of the interior of the theater – from the back center of the house, as well as the “Doodlebops” on marquee signs is what we’re looking for. It is prefered that the shots do not include people. At least 2-3 pictures of each theater would be great and anything above a 1.5 mega pixel camera would be sufficient.

A section in the gallery intitled “Theater Shots” has been made to upload your pictures to. When you upload pictures, just select the “Theater Shots” album. You can find the link here:


You don’t have to register at the gallery to upload your pictures. By uploading your pictures, you are agreeing to the terms below:

I, the author of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide.

In case this is not legally possible:
I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

Also, this statement must be written on each image you upload. If you need help doing that, or have any other questions, please e-mail me here: stephanie@deedeerooneymoe.net

– Thank you!

Get Up and Groove with the Doodlebops DVD & concert pictures
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Doodlebops: Get Up and Groove with the Doodlebops DVD will be released on April 24, 2007.

You can pre-order from the links below:


<-- 1/27/07: Phoenix, Arizona
Samantha had a great time at the show & was able to meet the cast afterwards. She shares her pictures with TF!
[View pictures]

1/21/07: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma –>
TF visitor Mattie (AuroraFionaRoselai) rocked out doodle outfits with her two friends at this show & they really did get loud!
[View pictures]

<-- 1/12/07: Corpus Christi, Texas
Suzanne F. took her daughter to see the doodlebops and they had a rockin’ time!
[View pictures]

1/13/07: Houston, Texas –>
Erica donates her pictures from the show she attended with her family.
[View pictures]

<-- 1/14/07: Beaumont, Texas
Tara M. treated her two daughters to a Doodlebop show and they loved it!
[View pictures]

1/20/07: Grand Prairie, Texas –>
Little Deedee and Rooney had a blast at this show :)
[View pictures]

<-- 1/25/07 - Wal-Mart signing in Tucson, Arizona
The Melendez Family attended this autograph signing and shares their pictures with us!
[View pictures]

1/26/07: Tucson, Arizona –>
Thanks Ben!
[View pictures]

<-- 1/28/07: Prescott Vallery, Arizona
Rachel & her family simply loved the show! Here are their pictures.
[View pictures]

11/1/05 – Calgary, AB –>
Connor sent in his pictures from one of the stops on the Doodles promotional mall tour they did in Canada.
[View pictures]

Superstars DVD
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Avatars, pictures, awards and….meet the doodles!!
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I made a whole new batch of avatars – 25 to be excat:

[View all new avatars here]

The gallery & fanlisting have been re-vamped! Also, a new skin has been added to the forum. Make sure to check it all out.

– 12/31/06: Orlando, FL
Here are my pictures from the shows!

[View pictures]

– Screen Caps
from 2006 Walt Disney World Christmas Parade

[View pictures]

:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile:
Meet the Doodles!

Thursday, January 25th, 2007 – The Doodlebops will be signing autographs at the Wal-Mart on 1650 W. Valencia Road in Tucson, Arizona. The signing will start at 4PM and end at 5:30PM.

If you attend this signing and wouldn’t mind sharing your pictures with us, please send me an e-mail here.

With the help of all the vistiors, drm.net has won 6 more awards, including best graphics, cutest site, most interactive, and best gallery. Thanks to everyone who voted for TF!

[View awards page]

New shirt available!

Where’s Moe Yellow T-Shirt
Sizes: Youth 4-7, 2T,3T,4T
USA: $12.99
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Happy New Year!
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*Quick note: I would just like to say, Happy New Year! 2006 was great. I hope you guys had an amazing holiday and new years. Thanks to everyone who have been devoted fans to the Doodles as well as deedeerooneymoe.net. I can’t wait to see what 2007 brings!!

:ddsmile: :rooneysmile: :moesmile:

Doodlebops Slippers are now available! Check out TF

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– Lisa (kittenvelour) sent me some pictures from the Lake Charles, Louisianna show on December 7th that she wanted to share with TF. Her cousin, Ashley went and was able to catch Lisa, Chad & Jon after the show. [View pictures]

– 12/10/06: Lafeyette, Louisianna
These pictures were sent in by Crissy B.
[View pictures]

– 12/08/06: Baton Rouge, Louisiana –
Kailey and Kristy have sent in their pictures from their Doodle adventure, they both had a blast!
[View pictures]

– 11/19/06: Memphis, Tennessee
Ally was kind enough to send in these pictures!
[View pictures]

– 10/15/06: Erie, Pennsylvania
Linda’s (momof3) concert pictures are now up in the gallery. I would like to thank her husband, Dave, for sending them to me!
[View pictures]

– 7/21/06: Los Angeles’ Staples Center
These pictures were sent in by Kurt. He was one of the lucky people to attend the Doodlebops breakfast and show at the Los Angeles’ Staples Center. [View pictures]

– Fay (Doodlebopin) had a doodle tree this year and she took some pictures to share with us.
[View pictures]

A couple pictures of Jon from the Amabile Boy’s Choir (2000 – 2001 season) are now in the gallery.
[View pictures]

Week three contest winners
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The winners of week three’s contest are Traci, Caren and Hannah a.k.a the Kansas family. They made this awesome Doodlebops themed Christmas tree. Great job guys!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Click on the buttons below to view the other entries. You may see all contest entries in the gallery here.

Week four, TF’s last contest for the year, is now up so head over to the contest page and check it out.

And a reminder, don’t miss the Doodlebops in the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade tomorrow. If you live in the US it will air at 10:00AM on ABC and if you live in Canada it will air at 10:30AM on CBC.

Doodlebops Games, review & vote for TF!
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Two new Doodlebops games are available from Ty’s Toy Box:

Doodlebops Get on the Bus Board Game

This Doodlebops board game – Get on the Bus – will entertain you and your friends or family for hours! Be the first to get YOUR Doodlebop on the bus! Perfect for your next ‘game night’! Ages 4 and up.

Price: $12.99


Doodlebops Card Games

This Doodlebops Card Games features 3 great preschool games in one jumbo sized card deck. It will keep your little Doodlebops entertained for hours! 2 – 4 players, ages 3 and up.

Price: $6.99


Voting has started over at the Red Carpet Awards site and I would really appericate it if you would take a few seconds to vote for Together Forever. Just click on the button below and once you enter the site, click “vote” on the right side under navigation. Thank you!

Another review has been done on Together Forever. This time by Time After Time Reviews. You can read the outstanding review here.

Holiday Cards!
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Just in time for the Holiday season! Together Forever has holiday cards. They are simple to make just print, cut off the extra paper, fold and you have your very own Doodlebops cards to send out to friends and family! For best results, save the card to your computer and print from paint or any other picture program you may have. Show your Doodlebops spirit with these rocking designs:

Reminder: Keep signing up for the TF Online Magazine. The first issue will be out soon!

contests, reviews & awards
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The winners for the hidden presents contest are listed below:

– Victoria (Moe_fan82280)
– Hannah (theatrechick08)
– Michelle (diamond8)
– Chantal (prchic)

The Rooney present was never found. Here is where all the gifts were hiding:

1. Deedee – bottom of chronology
2. Rooney – Rules of forum
3. Moe – Store>>>clothing
4. Jazzmin – Gallery>>>happy doodle holiday screen shot
5. Bus Driver Bob – Site>>>about me

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to try and find the gifts. Contest for week 3 is up and running. Check it out here!

Together Forever has been reviewed by The Ultimate Reviews. You can read the very positive review here. More reviews to come soon.

TF has won it’s first award from the Golden Awards site.

Applicants are judged through the following criteria:
– visual appeal
– your site’s creativity or usability of content
– a visitor’s ease in navigation.
– a webmaster’s presence on his/her site

TOGETHER FOREVER got an (A) in all of the given criteria and won the silver award!