Doodlebops Party Supplies
Posted on 12/14/06 by Stephanie 8:08 PM 2 Comments

The moment you’ve all been waiting for….Doodlebops Party Supplies are now available!

Together Forever’s Online Magazine
Posted on 12/12/06 by Stephanie 4:07 AM 2 Comments

Each month I will be sending out an issue of Together Forever’s online magazine straight to your e-mail. The issue will cover that months news, pictures, updates, articles, polls, opinions and so much more! To sign up for the magazine, just click the link below and enter your e-mail address. A message will then be sent to your e-mail to verify that it is your address. Open and click the activate link, then you are good to go. Get your e-mail in before the first Issue is sent out!


Doodles all over the US, contest winners & new shirt
Posted on 12/11/06 by Stephanie 7:06 AM 3 Comments

Pictures from the Richmond, Virginia concert that I attended are up in the gallery, including some photos of Chad Mcnamara.

[View pictures]

I have received TONS of new pictures from the US Tour. Thanks so much to everyone who have donated! Credit has been given under your pictures. Remember, if you would like to donate your pictures, please send me an e-mail here: pictures@deedeerooneymoe.net.

– 9/23/06: Lakeland, FL [View pictures]

[View pictures] 10/15/06: Erie, PA –

– 10/22/06: Wilkes Barre, PA [View pictures]

[View pictures] 10/27/06: Charleston, WV –

– 10/28/06: Columbus, OH [View pictures]

[View pictures] 10/29/06: Cleveland, OH –

– 11/4/06: Lewiston, ME [View pictures]

[View pictures] 11/10/06: Knoxville, TN –

– 11/11/06: Greensboro, NC [View pictures]

[View pictures] 11/12/06: Richmond, VA –

– 11/17/06: Spartanburg, SC [View pictures]

[View pictures] 11/18/06: Birmingham, AL –

– 11/25/06: Glens Falls, NY [View pictures]

[View pictures] 12/8/06: Baton Rouge, LA –

Screen shots from the episode

Jon pictures
Posted on 12/08/06 by Stephanie 5:36 PM 7 Comments

Five pictures of Jonathan Wexler (Moe Doodle) have been added to the gallery.

TF Holiday Extravaganza
Posted on 12/05/06 by Stephanie 1:30 AM 4 Comments

Together Forever is celebrating the Holiday season with a whole bunch of contests! Check out the contest section of the site to find out what its all about. Each week, one winner will be selected and recieve some great Doodlebops items!

New Glow in the Dark Slap and Strap Doodlebops Bracelet. Have fun showing off your Doodlebops pride with this fun fashion accessory – Purchase here!

New layout!
Posted on 12/02/06 by Stephanie 9:49 AM 11 Comments

As most of you can tell, I’ve been a little behind with updating the gallery and such. This is because I’ve been working on a new look for Together Forever, and here it is! I have also took the time to re-write a lot of the sections, so just explore the site if you’d like.

A new guestbook has been added as well. I was able to save all the entires from the previous book so nothing was lost. Check it out here!

I hope you enjoy the new look and once again, I would like to thank everyone who has sent me pictures for the gallery. I promise they will be up very soon and expect more new stuff soon.

:ddyay: :rooneyyay: :moerock:

Meet the Doodlebops today!
Posted on 12/01/06 by Stephanie 9:34 AM 2 Comments

If you can’t make it to the Doodlebops’ New Year’s Eve show at T.D. Waterhouse (or even if you can), here’s an earlybird special for you.

The bopping trio is making an appearance at Downtown Disney this Friday morning (Dec. 1).

Deedee, Rooney and Moe will bring their boundless enthusiasm and Day-Glo hairstyles to Once Upon a Toy in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. They’ll greet kids and parents from 9:30-10:30 at the free-to-the-public event.

If you attend and would like to donate your pictures to the galley, please e-mail me here.

Buy Doodle bookbag & get a FREE watch!
Posted on 11/17/06 by Stephanie 5:49 PM 1 Comment

Buy the 16″ Doodlebops Backpack with removable lunch box and get one of two watches absolutely FREE! Pick your choice of watch below and place your order!

The Doodlebops toy items have now arrived. If you haven’t placed your order yet, make sure you do! These are great gifts for the holidays.

Keep in mind that shipping and handling is still free for orders over $50, just use the coupon: freeship50

Doodlebops Billboard
Posted on 11/13/06 by Stephanie 4:20 PM 5 Comments

Below is a picture of a Billboard from Buenos Aires, Argentina that features The Doodlebops! (Thanks to Kristen).

Fan Books*
Posted on 11/10/06 by Stephanie 1:48 PM 5 Comments

Want to submit things to the Fan Books but found out a little too late? Well you’re in luck! The cutoff date is now April 12th, 2007. I’ve decided to give these books to the Doodles in Norfolk, Virginia on April 21st, 2007.

Hopefully, this will give everyone more time to send in their work to me. It will also give you guys the chance to use pictures from the concerts you attend since most of the shows will be over by that time. I’ve recieved some awesome work so far, from all over the world! Everyone is so creative and I can’t wait to start putting these books together.

Would you like to submit work to these books? If so, please click the link below to learn all the details: