How to remove Crazy Bus from your head

Julie Slack, Mountain

(Apr 28, 2006)
It's easy to understand why children like children's music so well: it's easy for them to remember because it's repetitive, but it's got a punchy tune you can hum along with, or tap your feet to.

The same can't be said for adults listening to children's music. In fact, there are times I wonder why I'm so agitated and I think about it and realize it's because I've got Crazy Bus on the brain, or worse yet, Arthur vs the Piano.

In our home and on the road in my car, son Luke is always exposed to music. He knows a lot of the words to my favourite songs and vice-versa. I remind him (nearly every time I turn it on) that he's one lucky kid to have a mom who created an entire playlist dubbed 'Luke's fave's' on her iPod.

Music has always made me happy; it's on when I'm baking, cleaning or scrapbooking. The same goes for Luke. I can see the difference in him when his music is on: he's happier and giddier and much more inclined to be dancing around the house.

That's why he has his own playlist. Most of the music on it is from Arthur, but it also includes his other favourites like Franklin, Lion King, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and more of his favourite musicals, like the Sound of Music.

This is also why you'll sometimes hear me blurting out strange lyrics in the middle of the day, like 'I found a lucky pencil and...' or worse yet, 'Go to Sleep'. The latter basically repeats that through the entire song and there are nights I hear it over and over and over as I lie there, begging my brain to shut off, or at least shut that song off.

But children's songs and music are becoming more popular: witness the nearly sold-out crowd at Easter Sunday's children's rock concert, the Doodlebops. Luke actually introduced me to them back in the fall when he informed me that I had to tape this television show because he was sure I'd love it.

He described the Doodlebops as "crazy clowns with coloured hair, who sing and dance." I guess he called them clowns because they wear big coloured wigs. Anyway, I discovered they were visiting Hamilton Place last year, and booked tickets as soon as they went on sale.

We had great seats for the concert and Luke had so much fun watching the trio as they entertained thousands of children, and parents as well.

Again, they sing the types of songs that get stuck in your head for days on end. Some of them still pop into my head at the strangest times. But the most aggravating is the one that stays with me all day long at work, and since I've usually just dropped Luke off at school, that means it's an everyday occurrence. Now, you'll understand if I start singing strange lyrics completely out of the blue.

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