Doodlebops a Colorful Good Time

Date: March 24th, 2006
Melissa Jameson

Just in case you haven’t heard, kids TV rock sensations the Doodlebops will be making their way to Vernon this Thursday. The Doodlebops is made up the very colourful Deedee (pink), Moe (orange) and Rooney (blue). The three perform in a band together and go on many adventures thanks to their bus driver, Bob.

While the Doodlebops are currently on a nation-wide tour, Rooney Doodle (Chad McNamara for you moms and dads) recently took time out of his very busy schedule to talk to The Morning Star.

MS:Are the Doodlebops excited to be coming to Vernon?

Rooney Doodle: Yes. We’re very excited.

MS: I hear you like to sing, what kinds of songs do you like to sing?

Rooney Doodle: We like to sing songs that get the crowd up and moving and dancing.

MS: What kind of music do you like?

Rooney Doodle: I like everything. I think it’s important especially as a musician to listen to lots of different types of music. The Doodlebops, we’re influenced by groups from the ‘50s and ‘60s – groups like the Beatles and The Osmond's. I like their whole group dynamic.

MS:You play the guitar. Did you have to practise lots to get as good as you are?

Rooney Doodle: Practising is definitely important. I just took a couple of hours – or maybe a bit more or a bit less – every day and practised. I always made sure it was fun.

MS: Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Rooney Doodle: Hmmm…Of course there’s many great guitar players. Maybe Jimi Hendrix. He always looked amazing playing guitar. And also the Beatles.

MS: What’s the best thing about being in a band with Moe and Deedee?

Rooney Doodle: That they’re family. We know each other so well and we get along so well. Sometimes we do have an argument, but it happens because we are family. We have an energy together on stage that makes us who we are.

MS: I hear you like to invent things. What advice do you have for other inventors?

Rooney Doodle: Never give up on what you’re working on. I’ve tried many things with certain inventions and failed and failed, but I just keep trying.

MS: What’s your favourite invention?

Rooney Doodle: In this tour I invent a Moe finding machine. (Moe is notorious for hiding).

The Doodlebops perform live at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre this Thursday at 7 p.m.

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