Disney Channel U.S. premieres new music-filled canadian series "The Doodlebops" during Playhouse Disney programming block"

Date: April 18, 2005

Toronto - "The Doodlebops," a vibrant new music-focused series has joined Disney Channel's popular learning-based weekday Playhouse Disney programming block. The premiere episode aired on April 11.

"The Doodlebops" uses the power of music and rhyming to help preschoolers strengthen their language and literacy skills. It also conveys concepts of cooperation and other pro-social behavior to help parents better socialize their preschoolers. The live-action series introduces three colorful, cartoon-like characters -- Rooney, Moe and Deedee -- that make up a zany yet charming pop/rock group, veritable superstars for preschoolers in the Doodlebop universe.

"Disney Channel is the ideal home for the Doodlebops. Together, Disney and Cookie Jar can leverage the live performance, radio play, and broadcast performance of this mega-preschool brand," said Toper Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Comedic storylines are punctuated by the band's rousing performance of original songs while characters invite preschool age viewers to sing along. Each episode culminates with a Doodlebops concert scene.

Also interwoven are lessons extolling the importance of teamwork, good behavior, getting along with others, trying one's best, facing fears and being reliable. Scenarios include The Doodlebops learning to get along after a magazine editor chooses only one of them to be on its cover; Rooney discovering the importance of practicing to learn to play his new invention, the Honkophone; Moe conquering stage fright before his big solo number; and Deedee learning to overcome her need to boss others.

In addition to the candy-colored Doodlebops, other characters featured in the series are Bus Driver Bob, a puppet character named Mudge the Cat, and Mazz, the manager of the band. "The Doodlebops" stars Lisa Lennox as Deedee Doodle, Chad McNamara as Rooney Doodle and Jonathan Wexler as Moe Doodle.

Michael Hirsh ("Rolie Polie Olie") is the co-creator and executive producer. Jamie Waese is the producer/director. Carl Lenox is the co-creator and composer. "The Doodlebops" is a production of Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.

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