Delightful Doodles Deliver

Young fans scoop up mucho merch! Pint-sized fans went ga-ga for The Doodlebops at Pantages Playhouse Theatre.

Date: March 20th, 2006

Oodles and oodles of The Doodlebops fans busted pint-size moves and hit the merch table to drop oodles and oodles of Doodle bucks at the first of two preschool pop concerts at Pantages Playhouse Theatre yesterday.

The CBC Kids-TV stars -- pink-haired pop queen Deedee Doodle (Lisa J. Lennox) and musical brothers Rooney (Chad McNamara) and Moe (Jonathan Wexler) -- played to more than 1,000 tots and parents, opening with a half-hour comedy act and mini concert before giving the kids a second chance to hit the merchandise table at intermission.

Doodle glowstick flags were going like hot-cakes at $15 a pop, with $25 T-shirts and CDs, $30 DVDs and, for the budget-wise, $5 activity books.

The kids waved their flags in the air while reciting the Doodle pledge -- it's all about caring and sharing -- and singing along with their hit Doodle tunes, like Deedee's funky Queen for a Day song and Moe's rockin' Let's Get Loud, for which the audience roared at the appropriate decibels.

The Doodles are big on lip-synching, but the kids didn't mind, especially when acrobatic drummer Moe -- he's the orange one in the Sonny Bono vest -- did a breakdance and Deedee urged everyone to put their hands in the air for Motown-ready dance tune Wobbly Whoopsie.

For many, The Doodlebops stop on a 16-city Canadian tour was a my-first-concert experience and it came with all the frills. T-shirts have tour dates emblazoned on the back and the band, accompanied by a pair of backup dancers and Bus Driver Bill -- a cousin to the TV show's Bus Driver Bob --assured them Winnipeg was the best audience ever. They even pulled a fake farewell, but given the crowd's short attention span, they wisely returned within seconds for an encore of Get On the Bus.

Inspired by made-for-TV band The Monkees and other family-friendly pop acts, The Doodlebops were a hit with the preschool core audience, and isn't that what it's all about? That and the merch?

Denise and Chad Fetterly shelled out $130 for four tickets and another $80 for T-shirts and flags for their small daughters. But they weren't complaining. Denise echoed a few other parents when she shrugged off the expense, saying, "It's for the kids."

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