Meet the Doodlebops

Date: February 2, 2005

Doodlebop Mania Sweeps The Preschool Set Across The Globe As Doodleboppers Deedee, Rooney and Moe Launch Into Their CBC Series

Toronto CANADA (February 2, 2005) - They're cooler than cool, they're hotter than hot. They're the hip, happening rock 'n rollers for the preschool set.

They're The DOODLEBOPS!!

Following a whirlwind concert DOODLEBOPS tour, Cookie Jar Entertainment CEO Michael Hirsh jetted out to win the band over and sign them to a multi-year television contract. Following the signing, Hirsh and Cookie Jar immediately set Doodleboppers Deedee, Rooney and Moe to star in their very own television series launching February 7, 2005 on CBC appropriately entitled The DOODLEBOPS.

The DOODLEBOPS TV show features the fab trio as they live out their Daily lives as the biggest phenomena in kids popdom. In the far out world of The DOODLEBOPS, you never know what's coming next.

Said 4-year-old fan Maggie who screamed with delight at the mere mention of their name: "I love The DOODLEBOPS! I want to be just like Deedee when I grow up!"

Then there was this accolade from 6-year-old Tommy: "The DOODLEBOPS are awesome. After Hillary Duff and The Rolling Stones they're my favorite band."

Said Cheryl Hasssen (Creative Head, Children's and Youth Programming CBC) who did not reveal her age: "A band like The DOODLEBOPS comes around only once in a generation. We felt we just had to have this show. With their high-energy music and high-octane fun, The DOODLEBOPS will serve as one of CBC's flagship shows."

The DOODLEBOPS television series and all areas of licensing and merchandising is represented by Cookie Jar Entertainment. Kelly Elwood the company's senior executive in charge of Marketing had this to say about working with The DOODLEBOPS: "It is totally incredible working with Deedee, Rooney and Moe. True, they are major rock stars but they are surprisingly approachable. Of course, to approach them you have to go through a virtual army of security, plus their inner circle of managers, publicists and hangers-on. Actually, I never really met them in person, but there's always hope."

And just what do The DOODLEBOPS have to say themselves about starring in their own show?

"We're totally excited!" Deedee, Rooney and Moe sung in unison.

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