Saskatoon Tots, Are You Ready to Rock?

Date: March 21st, 2006
Jennifer Jacoby-Smith

What's pink, blue, orange and rocks all over the country?

Those with preschoolers in the house will know the answer -- The Doodlebops.

The hit children's television series taking tots by storm will bop their way into TCU Place Thursday as part of a cross-Canada tour.

So what is a Doodlebop?

The Doodlebops are three colourful siblings -- Deedee Doodle (pink), Rooney Doodle (blue) and Moe Doodle (orange) -- who have their own band and TV show.

The cheerful crew dances, sings and rocks its way through 15-minute episodes on CBC each weekday morning.

Every episode begins with Deedee and Rooney looking for mischievous Moe. The trio say their Doodlebop Pledge, record a music video with studio wizard Audio Murphy, get some sage advice from their manager Jazz and head to a live performance with Bus Driver Bob.

Throughout it all the Doodles work together to solve problems or teach subtle lessons such as practice makes perfect or slow and steady wins the race.

But most kids will remember them for their flashy costumes, funky-coloured hair, catchy lyrics and energetic tunes.

After they started in January 2005, little ones across Canada took note. The Disney Channel in the U.S. began airing The Doodlebops just a few months later.

The sudden success has taken the siblings by surprise.

"It's been really crazy. It's been like a totally wild ride so far," said Moe in a recent interview.

Moe insists the brothers-and-sister group get along just fine.

"We always have little problems and stuff, but on the whole we get along and always work our problems out with each other," he said.

Moe does admit to being the troublemaker. "I get up to mischief . . . a little bit."

As the group worked feverishly in rehearsals to get ready to rock the country, Moe said the Doodles looked forward to seeing their fans.

"Being part of a live performance is amazing when you get to see the kids and you get to meet them and get to hang out with them," he added.

Until now the Doodles have made short appearances in malls across the country, but this is their first tour with a full-length concert. It will also be their first stop in Saskatoon.

And to answer the question every kid in Canada is dying to know -- why does Moe pull the rope and get soaked by a bucket of water in every episode?

"I think it's the funnest thing to do in our tree house," said Moe.

"I think it's just made more fun by the fact that everyone always tells me not to do it."

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