There's No Escaping The Doodlebops

Date: February 13, 2006


(Toronto, February 13) -- You’ve seen The Doodlebops on television, on DVD and maybe even signing autographs in your local shopping mall, but this spring you’ll see them as you never have before: performing live on stage. Deedee, Moe and Rooney Doodle embark on a 16-city tour bringing their colourful and educational brand of entertainment to the hordes of young children who’ve adopted them as the rock stars of their generation.

"Having been involved with the touring careers of Canadian children's icons Raffi, Sharon, Lois & Bram and Fred Penner 25 years ago, I am astounded to see how quickly The Doodlebops have caught on with Canadian children and their families, especially given all of the outlets for quality children's television today," says House of Blues Concerts Canada vice-president Rob Bennett, the tour’s promoter.

"We plotted a spring tour for the group which included 19 shows from Ontario to British Columbia. With five weeks to go before the first show, we have already had to add six more shows to accommodate the demand to see The Doodlebops. By the end of the tour, more than 30,000 people will have seen the group."


SAT. MARCH 18 THUNDER BAY, Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
SUN. MARCH 19 WINNIPEG, Pantages Playhouse Theatre (Two Shows)
WED. MARCH 22 REGINA, Conexus Arts Centre (Two Shows)
FRI. MARCH 24 EDMONTON, Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
SAT. MARCH 25 EDMONTON, Myer Horowitz Theatre (Two Shows)
SUN. MARCH 26 CALGARY, Jack Singer Auditorium (Three Shows)
THU. MARCH 30 VERNON, Performing Arts Centre
SAT. APRIL 1 VANCOUVER, Orpheum Theatre
SUN. APRIL 2 VICTORIA, Royal Theatre
MON. APRIL 3 NANAIMO, The Port Theatre
SAT. APRIL 8 TORONTO, Convocation Hall (Two Shows)
SUN. APRIL 9 LONDON, Centennial Hall
THU. APRIL 13 OTTAWA, Centrepoint Theatre (Two Shows)
FRI. APRIL 14 MISSISSAUGA, Living Arts Centre (Two Shows)
SAT. APRIL 15 KITCHENER, Centre in the Square
SUN. APRIL 16 HAMILTON, Hamilton Place Theatre

The Canadian trio has quickly established itself as a top-rated children's TV favourite both at home and abroad as well as a platinum-selling DVD tot-rockers. This excitement has created a demand for more of what the multi-coloured and multi-talented group has to offer. Those demands are being met with the second season of The Doodlebops show, a CD, two more DVDs, a major web presence at, the tour, a variety of merchandise and, in the fall, a line of Doodlebops toys.

The second season of The Doodlebops’ highly rated TV show is airing weekdays at 10 a.m. on CBC and will launch south of the border in March on the Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney. In the show, Deedee, Moe and Rooney use catchy pop-rock music, impressive choreography and easily accessible humour to deliver messages that enable kids to develop social, motor, comprehension and cognitive skills while having fun.

"The show is really about fun through music and movement," explains Jamie Waese, the producer and director of The Doodlebops. "The goal is to try and get kids up and off the sofa and to sing along with the songs and dance along to the show. We really try to be rock-and-roll for the pre-school set."

“The show is evolving,” says Kelly Elwood, the senior vice-president of marketing for The Doodlebops’ producer, Cookie Jar Entertainment. “We’ve added a new character, Audio Murphy, who’s a recording engineer. There’s a new set. We’ve improved the educational content in the show. The interactivity is even stronger than it was in season one.”

The Doodlebops recently debuted on VRAK-TV in Quebec, where the show is dubbed in French. It’s being sold internationally and is available on satellite so Doodlemania is spreading around the globe.

The Doodlebops web site features an ever-increasing variety of kids’ activities and games and is also where children can join a free fan club to receive news updates, exclusive offers, a bonus goodie for signing up and other special perks.

Universal Music Canada and 2450 Visual Entertainment, a division of Universal Music Canada, released the Doodlebops’ Get On The Bus music CD last October and it remains a strong seller. Two DVDs — Music & Fun and Let’s Move — came out at the same time and have already been certified platinum. The success of the discs was fuelled by a promotional tour where The Doodlebops performed a short set and met more than 20,000 fans who packed shopping malls across the country where the events were held.

Due to the popularity of the first two DVDs, Universal will release two more — Let's Have Some Fun and Abracadeedee It's Magic — on March 14.

That release date coincides with the launch of The Doodlebops’ first concert tour, which begins on March 18 in Thunder Bay and runs through to April 16 in Hamilton. Each 60-minute performance will be loaded with so much singing and dancing that it will leave kids both excited and exhausted.

“Although it will ultimately be a concert experience, it also brings in really fun and familiar themes from the TV show, like ‘Where’s Moe?’ and ‘Get on the bus,’” enthuses Elwood. “And some of the favourite songs, like The Pledge, will be incorporated into the live performance.”

Various newspapers and radio stations are involved in contests to give away tickets, but a lot of parents aren’t taking any chances and have started buying them already to avoid disappointment when the tour arrives in their city.

Exclusive merchandise will be available at the shows, and more will be available in the fall when Mattel launches a line of Doodlebops toys. A master licence grants Mattel the manufacturing and marketing rights for toys, dolls, feature plush, figures, playsets, games and puzzles. Other licensees will be creating Doodlebops books, clothes and other items.

The last year has been quite eventful for The Doodlebops, and 2006 is shaping up to be even more exciting. They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere, so c’mon, Get on the Bus!

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